Posted by: hugapoohlouise | May 28, 2012

Tropical Storm Beryl —-

Tropical Storm Beryl is the first storm of the hurricane season for us who live in Florida.  It is predicted to hit land sometime Sunday.  I find it so ironic that this storm is named Beryl.  My aunt’s name is Beryl.  She is one of the nicest people I know.  I can’t image a tropical storm named after her.

But we have to remember living in the Sunshine State that any storm has the potential to be dangerous.  We must take each prediction seriously and be prepared.  Our family has a hurricane season preparedness planning time each year before storm season revs up.  We take all our important documents and store them in a waterproof container that can easily be transported.  We take all our photos and jump drives with our precious memories on them and place them with our important papers.  I have three little ones so they each have their own precious things to pack.  Of course we can’t forget the favorite blankets and stuffed animal friends.

Then we have our four-legged friends to consider.  We currently have five inside dogs.  We have five horses.  So we have to make sure them if we are called to vacate the premises that we make arrangements for our furry friends.  We usually take the dogs with us, we try to find a dog friendly motel to stay in.  As far as the horses, we usually don’t go to far so we can return home as necessary to make sure they have fresh water.  As far as food, there is enough green grass and more to come after Tropical Storm Beryl.

The most important preparation to me is to make sure I’ve prayed.  Each year me and the girls pray over our house, property and animals.  For the safe keeping and protection from our Heavenly Father.  If we do not leave our house when the storm rages outside we usually stay in close contact with our Father.  He is the one who has promised us to hide us under His wing and He is our rock and refuge.  So I’ve tried to teach the girls to respect the storm but to trust in the One who can overcome the storm.

If you are in the predicted path of Tropical Storm Beryl, I pray for you and yours.  I pray that the hand of God and His angels would surround you.  I pray that you are prepared and have a plan.

I will update you as the storm draws near.

Until Next Time,


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