Posted by: hugapoohlouise | May 30, 2012

Happy Memorial Day from Melissa’s Musings A Product Review Blog

I know this post is a little late, but I still wanted to wish each and every one of my loyal readers and subscribers a “Happy Memorial Day” and for those who stumble onto my blog same to you.  I pray each of you were able to spend this Memorial Day with family and friends and create many memories.  I pray the love of God would overflow from your heart to touch those in your life that don’t have Jesus within them.

Our family is expecting a tropical storm this Memorial Day.  But, here at the Water’s family we won’t let a little rain stop us.  We plan on having a cook-out might be in the garage but we are grilling ribs, chicken and corn on the cob.  The girls reminded me that we had to have plenty of cold watermelon too.  We will be celebrating this holiday with my dad.  Which is a blessing in itself.

My father has had a little bit of a health scare again this summer.  He recently had cataract surgery and then had extremity swelling in his arms.  After an emergency MRI, they’ve located the problem and have referred him to a neurologist.  So hopefully we can find a medical plan to solve this problem.  I know God is able.  Of course my dad is ready to leave the Sunshine State for Michigan this year so he is in a hurry.  I told him the other day we will get you there after you are released medically and you have plenty of time.

So have a great weekend, be safe and trust in the Lord.

Until Next Time,


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