Posted by: hugapoohlouise | June 6, 2012

Does Love Really Matter?

Recently, I’ve been studying 1 Corinthians 13 which is known as the love chapter of the Bible.  I am doing a special Bible study through it where you spend time going through the chapter slowly to glean more.  I have to tell you, I’ve gleaned a lot.  I didn’t realize just how much one chapter of the Bible could contain so many truths!

To answer the question above – Does Love Really Matter?  Yes it does!  I can wash my children’s clothes, provide them food, clothes and shelter but if I don’t have love than all that I do is just providing them the necessities in life.  They will go somewhere else to find love.

God created us to love one another.  If we don’t there is a huge hole in our life.  We want to be loved and we are designed to give love.

I can make my husband his favorite meal, but if I don’t do it with love than my motivations are all wrong.   I can tell you I’ve found when I am trying to do something for the wrong reasons and there is no love in it, the first bump I hit along the way, sends me into a rage.  I am angry, I want to blame someone else for what went wrong and I usually do.  I don’t want to apologize.  Now what I was doing was not necessarily wrong, let’s say it was preparing my dh his favorite meal.  It was the reason behind preparing this meal that was wrong.  See how devious our enemy is?  When I failed at preparing the dinner and lost my temper the enemy then comes to me and tells me “why should you do something special for him?  See what happens?”  So our flesh tends to avoid this situation again.  It failed, we suffered and we don’t want to go there again, right?

Wrong!  I will not only go there again, but this time I will go there with the love of Christ in my heart and prepare the meal because I am overflowing with love.  If it goes wrong again, I’ll try again until I’ve learned the lesson the Lord is leading me to learn.

So love does matter.  Ask yourself, periodically throughout the day, why am I doing this?  Am I doing this in love?  Check your motivations.  If you are doing it to get praise or something in return from the person you are doing for than when you get it, that is all the reward promised to you.  Me, I want to do it because the Lord called me to love.  I want my heart to be molded and shaped like His.

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