Posted by: hugapoohlouise | June 17, 2012

Happy Father’s Day – Dad and my Dear Husband from Melissa’s Musings.

I love the song… “The greatest man who ever lived” by Reba McEntire.   It reminds me so much of my dad.  My dad will be 85 years old this year.  According to him, time flies when you are having fun.  In fact, I can’t remember think of a time when my dad did not enjoy life.  There may have been a time when he lost my mom so suddenly, but he still put one foot in front of the other.

Today is Father’s Day the day that we honor our earthly fathers and of course husbands.  I don’t know about you but usually little girls are close to their dads while they are little and as they grow they grow closer to their mothers.  That is how it happened in my life.  I was always daddy’s little girl while I was growing up, I could do no wrong and he could do no wrong.  In fact my dad could beat up your dad and my dad was as tall as the Empire state building.  Do you remember those days?  Rather fondly I do say.

Then as I became a teenager and started to discover boys.  The relationship I had with my dad changed and I grew closer to my mother although I knew more than her at least until I had my first child.  Do you know what I mean?

Well, the circle is coming around to join back with itself.  Since I live right next door to my dad we’ve grown closer.  This started right after my mom passed away.  We see each other every day, we talk on the phone and our lives are so interwoven that it is hard to separate.  As my dad gets older there are more things that we must face each day.  My dad faces them in his strength, I face them with them in the hands of my God.  So my dad is the greatest man who ever lived down the hall from me or across the field.  But the greatest man would have to be Jesus.  It is my prayer that my dad will come to know Him. I’ve had my dad for 41 years.  I am so thankful for each of those days.  Happy Father’s Day dad.

Happy Fathers Day, my dear husband.  Sorry I combined you in a post about my dad.  I want to thank you for 13 years of marriage and for choosing me.  They have been interesting years with bumps along the way but you’ve been like a rock.  You never once got flustered or threw your hands up.  I know I can be difficult to live with.  I have so many ideas running through my head at lightning speed and I talk so fast that I am sometimes hard to understand.  But you just smile and tell me, “It will be okay, Melissa, this too shall pass”.  Thank you for being so solid and for not being as hyper as me.  Even though you drink all those energy drinks.

The girls, S, M and G wanted me to tell you that they love you til infinity and beyond and to have a Happy Father’s Day.  Then they asked me what we got you for Father’s day.  LOL

I pray that Fathers and Dad’s all over the world will have a blessed day with their families.  I saw a church sign this week and it said “Dad’s the best thing you can spend your time on is your children.”  How true, so go spend some time with your children, instead of reading blogs.

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