Posted by: hugapoohlouise | July 9, 2012

Family Bible Study: Being a Good Helper Product Review…

How do you know if you are fulfilling the Word of God when it comes to training up your children?  Is this something you want to leave to chance?  Or for someone else to train them in?

As a parent, I believe it is our duty given to us by God as mother’s and father’s to train up our children in the way they should go.  First and foremost this should be done by example.  Our lives should NOT contradict what is coming out of our mouths as parents.  If you’re talking the talk, you should be walking the walk.  Or as my mother used to say “This where the rubber meets the road, Melissa”.  Ouch…

Heather Bixler graciously agreed to let me do a product review of Family Bible Study Time Vol. 1, Being A Good Helper.  I received one digital copy of this e-book in exchange for an objective review.  I received no compensation for this review other than a free copy of the e-book.

I am always looking for solid Biblical teaching advice when it comes to raising my three little girls.  I reviewed another book by Heather Bixler, so when I saw this e-book, I had to read it too!  Every parents wants to share the Word of God with their children, or at least I do.  Being a Good Helper is one trait I would love for my children to have.  In Heather’s e-book Family Bible Study Time: Being A Good Helper you and your family can sit down and study God’s Word together.  You’ll explore what the Bible has to say about being a good helper and having a servant’s heart.

This e-book is a five-week Bible Study and each week you will read on servant’s in the Word of God.  Each Scripture is easy to understand and share with your little ones.  It is a fun family activity that doesn’t feel or seem like work.  It includes simple discussion questions to engage each person in sharing.

For any parent who is serious about sharing the Word of God with their children, this is the resource for you.  It is fun, fast and easy.  It is also economical.  So no more excuses that you  can’t find time or the money to do this.  Don’t leave this important teaching to someone else, engage with your children today.

Stop by Heather’s website by clicking on her name anywhere in my post or anywhere “Family Bible Study: Being A Good Helper” appears in my review.

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