Posted by: hugapoohlouise | July 11, 2012

Walk a mile in my shoes…..

What do you cling to when all hope is gone?  or seems to have gone?  Ponder that for a moment.

Recently, I have felt like this boat.  The waves have been pounding me and each time it seems like I am going down for good.  Each crash of the wave of despair seems like it will be the last.  Have you ever experienced this?

I won’t share all that has happened in my life recently, because it would be as my daughter says “TMI” mom.  I recently took part in a Bible study on the Names of God.  I actually led a group of real awesome ladies through this study.  I was so blessed by each of them.  It was a real community even though it was via email.  We laughed together, cried together and prayed together all the while studying the Word of God.   So when the next opportunity came up for another Bible Study, I prayed about it and was given the green light.  Then I encountered the enemy.  You know the one who is seeking to destroy and devour us.  The enemy comes in many different disguises and this time it came in the form of a person who has been giving great authority in women’s bible studies on the internet and who claims to be a Christian.

Have you ever been hurt by one of God’s children?  It seems to sting a little bit more when the knife enters your back as they are smiling and confessing Christ as their Savior.  I am not judging here.  I am just saying that no matter who sticks the knife in you it hurts all the same.  So that was the first wave.  The next wave was a little bit bigger, as I was stripped of all possibility of leading or participating in a Bible Study.  The third wave a tad bit bigger as I was shunned.

Then we were hit with Tropical Storm Debby.  Anxiety ran rampant, winds blew and rain fell.  Cars were in need of repair that seems to cost more than the bank balance.  But God was with us.  As the waves grew larger work asked me to work overtime to convert a new computer system to be up and running by July 9th.  Then the wave that hurt more than being shunned, our little precious Pomeranian, Bear, got sick and the vet bill sure looked like a tidal wave to me.  After all the emergency care, the IV’s and medicine that we administered with love to our precious baby we still lost him.  The tears and the whys were the flood that has hovered over our lives for days now.

As you are walking a mile in my shoes, don’t throw in the towel.  Don’t give up, just surrender.  That is what I had to do.  I stood on the porch late one evening and said “God, I can’t handle all this stuff anymore, it’s your stuff anyways, You are just loaning it to me, so I am giving it back to You.  I surrender it all the loved ones, the ones who hurt, the possessions, the problems, etc.  I give up, it’s Yours.  I am not coming back to carry it anymore.

Guess what?  He took it.  He took it all, and my burden feels so much lighter.  Not because circumstances have changed, but because I am no longer carrying these burdens.  I wasn’t made to carry these, God told me so in His Word.

So who do you cling to when it seems all hope is gone?  I cling to the One who is able, My Father, My Abba Father.

Until Next Time,



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