Posted by: hugapoohlouise | July 18, 2012

Stabilo GREENlighter Product Review

Melissa of Melissa’s Musings loves pens, highlighters,etc.  Basically all writing implements are my weakness.  I can be anywhere and if someone is writing I am noticing and if I haven’t seen that writing implement before I’ve got to have one.  I am known at work as the pen klepto.

So when Stabilo sent me their GREENlighter Highlighter to review I was jumping for joy.

I am always looking for ways to mark up my Bible.  I’ve found dry highlighters to work the best.  First of all they don’t bleed through the thin pages.  Their vibrant colors last forever and are a visual reminder of what the Lord has shown me.  So the first test I put the Stabilo GREENlighter through was marking my Bible for 30 days.

I definitely recommend Stabilo GREENlighters for Bible marking.  The are little stiffer on the pages than most dry highlighters, but if you don’t press super hard you should be fine.

Another awesome feature of Stabilo GREENlighters is that they eco-friendly.  They are part of the new Stabilo Green line.  Here is excerpt from Stabilo’s website:

Stabilo Green the new product line. Specially developed pencils, made from 100% FSC-certified wood.

FSC® represents strictly controlled, ecologically meaningful and sustainable forest management.

STABILO is the first FSC®-certified writing instruments manufacturer and hence a pioneer in the industry.

Ergonomically-shaped triangular highlighter with natural white stripes and matt coating.

3 neon colors:  yellow, green and orange, suitable for a huge variety of paper.

Thick lead, 5.5mm in diameter, for a broad stroke.  Glides easily over the page

to ensure consistent highlighting.

I hope you have enjoyed this review by Melissa’s Musings A Product Review Blog Melee.  I received no compensation for this review.  I received three Stabilo GREENlighter in Neon Yellow to use for thirty days in exchange for an objective review.  None of the links on this blog post are commission links. I do not receive any commission for you visiting or purchasing from any of the links.

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