Posted by: hugapoohlouise | July 28, 2012

Life… Interrupted

The best laid plans are often given to other plans that are not so best laid.  We had planned on taking a vacation next week.  But, other plans were in store for us.

Wednesday of last week we were preparing to leave town.  We had one last stop to make.   Poppa’s house, I wanted to find out how his doctor visit went and when his surgery was scheduled again.  While we were visiting, we discovered that the horses had loosen the post holding the gates closed.  So me and Savannah decided to fix it before we left, before the horses escaped.

As I was trying to drive the metal post into the ground one of the electric fence holders was on the side of the post.  So when I forced the post down the holder went through my hand.  At first I didn’t realize what happened and then I felt something.  When I looked down and realized it was blood, my blood.  I decided to check things a little closer.  Poor Savannah was standing right next to me and when she looked at it, I saw her little face go white.  That was when I quickly pulled my hand off the post and grabbed it and applied pressure.  I walked out of the field up to my dad’s house.  All the while each of my little girls was asking what happened, when I got back to the house my dad knew what happened.  He told me to go run some water on it.  Which I foolishly listened too.

I have to admit as soon as the water hit the open puncture wound I said words that were not very Christ like.  That was the first pain I felt and it felt like a knife going through my hand.  So I stopped.  Of course my dad does not have peroxide or alcohol so I applied pressure and decided that I needed to get home.  The thing that kept going through my already in shock mind was it was a metal, rusty post.  My dad told me to apply turpentine to stop the lock-jaw.  By this time any patience I claimed to have had were going fast so I left his house and had the girls drive me home on the golf cart.  When I went in the house and applied peroxide to it I realized just how deep it was.  So I made an SOS call to my best friend who made it 10 miles to my house in under 4 minutes.  She is not good with blood I discovered, as I showed her my hand she went white and said you need medical attention.

I kept thinking about letting my girls down, after all we were going on vacation and they’ve waited all year for this.  So I called my husband at work, which I never do unless it is an emergency.  I think in four years I’ve called him once.  So this was the second time.  When he answered the phone he immediately knew something was wrong.  He said what is it.  I told him what happened and he said I’ll be right there.

When he arrived home we left for the emergency room which is over 45 minutes away.  At this point I didn’t want to be separated from my girls so we took them with us.  I had pressure on my hand all the way to the ER.  When we arrived I kept the towel over the wound so people would not stare.  When I showed the nurse, she was the first person who did not turn white when they saw it.  I was taken to the critical care unit which freaked me out.  I wasn’t critical my mind kept saying.  All the while thinking about me not having insurance as I am the healthy one.  Hahahaha.

When asked what my level of pain was, now remember I’ve had three c-sections, a broken collar-bone from a horse accident, I said 10!  It was throbbing so bad and the blood loss concerned me.  I could not feel my middle or my thumb they were completely numb.  They offered me drugs which I am not ashamed to admit I readily took.  Then I was off to x-ray.  Which turns out I missed nerves, tendons and muscles.  Thank You Sweet Jesus.

But… isn’t there always a but?  I had pieces of metal still inside the wound.  Plus I needed a tetanus shot since my last one was in 9th grade.  After waiting what seemed like hours the doctor came and explained what they needed to do to get the metal out.  By that time I was very nauseated from the pain meds and from shock.  So I didn’t care.  I just couldn’t look.

After numbing my hand, which I don’t know why they didn’t do this first when I arrived, they dug out the metal and cleaned the wound.  Then I was told I could not return to work until Monday.  I was told the seriousness of infection and I had to come back in two days for a wound check.  Yuck.  After getting a shot in the buttocks for infection and getting a prescription for antibiotics and pain meds, we were on our way home at 2am in the morning.  My loving husband was starving so he stopped and got food which was the furthest thing from my mind, but I did want a Sprite to settle my stomach.

So as you can see we had to postpone our vacation.  For how long I have no idea.  I went back to ER today and they said my hand looked better keep up the good work.  So as I type left-handed I share my best laid plans that changed.

The best part of all this was I got to share Jesus with the medical staff at the hospital.  Praise God.

Until Next Time,



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