Posted by: hugapoohlouise | July 30, 2012

If you could have dinner with anyone…

If you could have dinner one night with any one person who is famous from the past who would it be and why?

I came across this question in a book that I started reading at the Emergency Room the other night.  What a question.

If I could have dinner with anyone that is famous from the past who would it be and why?  Now the author said we could not select Jesus Christ.  That would have been my first choice.  How about you?

Let’s see, if I couldn’t choose Jesus who would be next.  As my mind raced while sitting in the critical care unit as I suffered from lack of sleep and shock…

Charles Spurgeon?  Paul?  Peter?

My mind finally settled on Peter.  Why?  Well, Peter was the first disciple to acknowledge Jesus as the Son of God.  Peter was the first person to walk on water.  Peter was quick to anger as I am when he cut off the ear of the servant when Jesus was seized.  Peter had dreams.  So it would have to be Peter.

Peter denied Christ three times just as Jesus predicted.  I want to sit with Peter and ask him, how he forgave himself.  I know Christ forgave Peter, but how did Peter forgive himself?  I want to know how it felt to have enough faith to walk on water.  I want to know how Peter fully surrendered and became humble when he use to react angrily.  I have so many questions.

So as my typing is limited and my 11-year-old daughter has agreed to help me keep my blog going, I leave you with this question to ponder this week.  Please feel free to share you answers on in the comment section.

Until Next Time,




  1. I would like to have dinner with Mary and ask her how she felt when she knew she was pregnant with Jesus; what kind of boy was he growing up; how she felt when she knew Jesus was going to be nailed to the cross

    • Teresa:
      I love that you choose Mary.
      Thanks for sharing.

  2. Peter was the only one that even had the courage to get out of the boat!

    • Vanessa:
      Thanks for sharing!
      I can so relate to Peter. How about you?

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