Posted by: hugapoohlouise | August 1, 2012

Are You a Woman or Man of God?

What makes someone a man or woman of God?

Have you ever given this some thought?  Would you life as a child of God be classified as a woman or man of God?  When your life is over will you be remembered as someone who had a desire to be a man/woman of God?

I think first we have to stop and realize what the definition of a man or woman of God is.  How would you personally define what a man/woman of God is?  Don’t let the world’s definition cloud your judgment.  Don’t let your best friends definition overshadow what you’ve come up with.

Now, turn to the word of God and find out what His definition of a man/woman of God is.  In order to be a man/woman of God we have to know who God is and what He wants, etc.  Or else we’ve missed the mark.

Journal about your definition of what makes you a Godly woman/man.  Then search the inspired Word of God, Your Holy Bible to find out what God’s definition is and compare the two.

I’d love to read your results, just post a comment.  How do the two-line up?  What areas do you have to change in your definition to line up with God’s?

Have a great week.

Until Next Time,



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