Posted by: hugapoohlouise | August 6, 2012

The Family Reading Bible Review

Zondervan graciously agreed to send me one copy of “The Family Reading Bible”.  To use with my family in exchange for an objective review.  I received NO compensation for this review.

Zondervan sent me a NIV copy of “The Family Reading Bible”.  From the back of the Bible:

Start and keep a family tradition of reading the Bible together.  Maintaining your kids’ interest in family Bible reading can be difficult for any parent.  Where to start?  How to keep them interested?  How to connect it all to everyday life.  Welcome to your families guided tour of the Bible.

“The Family Reading Bible” has many features that are easy to follow and implement as you start or continue making Bible reading together a family tradition in your home.  There are easy to follow reading plans that weave together the stories, prophecy and poetry contained within the Bible.

The guided paths that are available for you and your family to follow have different routes and travel varying distances covering God’s story from start to finish.  There are helpful notes and discussion questions to get everyone involved in reading God’s Word.  There are short paths that are helpful for families with less time and smaller children.  There are longer paths that work great with dinner time devotions or to share with older children.  Then there is off the beaten path that follows interesting topics such as the Christmas Story.  Fun trivia and much, much more.

All the reading selections in the “The Family Reading Bible” are linked in chronological order to give you and your family the “big picture” of God’s salvation story.

As me and my family used this Bible in our time together, I have to say it was one of the greatest things we’ve done.  It drew each of my girls into the Bible reading and story.  It challenged each of us to partake in worship time together.  Plus it was fun.  You were learning and connecting with God all the while it did not seem like another thing to check off your to-do list.  It was something that we actually looked forward to doing after dinner each evening.

I would definitely recommend this resource to anyone who has a family and wants to spend time together in God’s Word.  I give it five stars.

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