Posted by: hugapoohlouise | August 11, 2012

The End of Summer has arrived here at our house.

Here at the Water’s household the Summer officially comes to an end August 13, 2012.  My three girls will be returning to school.  I know it’s early, but the school promises they will let out for Summer next year on May 3, 2013.  So they will have a longer Summer.  Mom says yeah, girls say boo.

Today, we attended the 2nd Annual End of Summer Bash put on by the Methodist Church in Chiefland.  Everything, and I mean everything from backpacks to haircuts were free.  I thought it would be a nice send off for the girls.  We went more for the fun activities rather than the free items.  It was a total blast!

It was very hot and humid but of course they had water slides and slip and slides and sprinklers.  So we kept cool and the very best part was the free snow cones.  Yum.

We got our very own dog tags from the Army tent.  We received tons of bookmarks to use in our books.  We made new friends and we even got to do the zip cord and pet a real live alligator.

The awesome part of this program was that if you were not able to purchase school supplies for your family they were provided for you.  The love that was shared today was totally amazing.  It was as if Jesus was walking in the mist.  Clothes were provided by Hospice and tons of other items needed by each child returning to school.  What a great ministry.

My girls will be getting hair cuts and then they are ready to go back to school, we took advantage of the tax-free holiday here in Florida and with their dad’s discount card saved 17% on everything.  They look so sweet in their school uniforms and backpacks.

So I pray each of my readers and subscribers have a blessed school year.

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