Posted by: hugapoohlouise | August 14, 2012

First Day of School 2012

Well, it’s that time of the year.  School at First Place Academy is back in session.  Yes, my three girls attend a private Christian school.  No they are not home schooled or attend public school.  After homeschooling for three years, and many prayers it was our families personal decision to have our three girls attend a Christian school.  Unfortunately, all schools that call themselves are not all Christian.  We found out the hard way on that one, but that is water under the bridge.

We finally found a school that is the right fit for all three of our girls and we’ve been blessed by this school for three years.  Not only do each of the girls love the school they are building a solid foundation on the Word of God in their daily lessons.  Now I don’t believe it is the school’s responsibility to teach my girls about the Lord.  But, I do want a school that shares the same belief as me that the Word of God is truth and the truth is the Word of God.  So this school complements what my girls are learning at home, and church which is a great blessing.

Monday was the girls first day of school.  As they arose earlier than they had all summer long and had a healthy breakfast, I wondered how I would fit in my quiet time in the morning.  I was already getting up at 5am.  I couldn’t get up any earlier, even if I went to bed earlier.  My husband recently went from the second shift to the third shift.  Now he leaves for work at 9:30pm and gets home at 7am.  So this creates a bit of a pickle for me.  When I arise at 5am, usually I am totally exhausted from work, farms chores, taking care of my dad, making sure the girls get home from school and dinner is hot and ready when dear husband rises.  Usually by 7pm I am exhausted and could go to bed, but duty calls.

So please pray that the Lord will show me a time I can spend with Him each day early but not too early.

Have a great first day of school, until next time.



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