Posted by: hugapoohlouise | August 16, 2012

Tell Your Time E-book by Amy Lynn Andrews – Product Review

“Tell Your Time” How to manage your schedule so you can live free by Amy Lynn AndrewsAmy Lynn Andrews graciously send me a pdf copy of her new e-book Tell Your Time” to read and review.  I received no compensation for this review.  You can visit Amy Lynn Andrews website by clicking on her name anywhere within this blog post.  You can purchase this e-book by clicking on the name “Tell Your Time” anywhere within the review.  I receive no compensation if you purchase through my blog.

Are you looking for more time in your already harried schedule to do the things you love?  If you’ve read my earlier blog post I shared the struggle I’ve been having now that my girls are back in school and having my morning quiet time.  So when I saw this book on how to manage my schedule so I could live free I couldn’t wait to try it.

“Tell Your Time” is a time management e-book.  Do you manage your time or does your time manage you?  I know what your thinking just what I need another book that tells me to manage my time, when I don’t have the time to read said book.  Amy Lynn Andrews shares with you in just over thirty pages how to do just that.  It is a quick read, yet packed with so much goodness that you’ll read it often.

“Tell Your Time” is very well written.  It is concise and to the point.  It is easy to follow and you can immediately implement the strategies that the author shares.  A warning – reading this e-book will help you look at time management in a totally different light.  I went from time managing me to starting to manage my time.  I have purchased every kind of planning calendar on the market in hopes that I could get on top of the wrestling match with time only to fail two weeks in.  The proof is on my shelf all those dusty planners that did not make my life freer.

So if you want to break the chains that time has bound you with and live a life free than I recommend this e-book.

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