Posted by: hugapoohlouise | September 1, 2012

Update!!!!!! For the Sake of Thomas…

For all those who read my previous blog post about Thomas, I wanted to share a praise report with you.  I heard unofficially from my BFF yesterday that the school board has agreed to her request to send Thomas to a special school.  This is an awesome praise report.

At the beginning of the blog journey for The Sake of Thomas, the school board was inmovable.  At the school board meeting it appeared that a lot of the members were not properly informed as to what was taking place in this elementary school.  Then after a few unofficial meetings, they came to see the light. I am giving God all the praise and glory for this.  Nothing is impossible with God.  Thank you, thank you.

It appears that Thomas will be able to attend the special school for his disability at no cost to him.  That the transportation expenses will also be provided.  My BFF is just waiting on the official documents signed by the proper people to enroll him.  I am so glad that I have a praying blog and that so many of you contacted me about this battle the enemy was trying to wage against this family.  I am overjoyed that Thomas gets to get an education not anymore discrimination and abuse from the very people who are in power to educate our children.

Most of all, I am so thankful that this was brought to light so other parents and children do not have to suffer the same as Thomas.  That Thomas case can be used in the future against institutions that have taken the power and twisted it to their advantage.  Amen.

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