Posted by: hugapoohlouise | September 27, 2012

What’s Going On? An Update from Melissa of Melissa’s Musings A Product Review Blog

Ever since I got home from Michigan it seems that my life has been going at a whirlwind pace.  I am ready to step off this roller coaster ride and just be a spectator for a while.  Ever felt like that?  My kids are growing so fast that each day I marvel at how much they’ve grown.  Each day seems to go by faster than the last and here we are entering fall.  Although, I can honestly say I am ready for fall, I am ready for cooler weather.  Hot flashes are not my friend. LOL

My job is as hectic as ever.  Even though some of our duties have been transferred to the regional office, we are still faced with fixing the problems that regional creates.  Late papers, no papers, half of a paper.  Payment posting errors.  Upset and disgruntled people.  Each day I leave the office feeling overwhelmed and total consumed.  I ask myself each day is it worth it?  Then I seek my Heavenly Father’s answer.  Do I stay or do I go now.  One thing I do take pride in that each person who happens past my desk or has a phone conversation with me, I make it a point that they know they’ve been in the presence of one of God’s children.  I try to show them the love of Christ even when they are cussing me out.  So as I sit here and seek God’s will for my future in the newspaper business I ask you to pray for God’s guidance for me.

As for my family we are healing.  After the loss my niece, we are in the process of normal grief, we are facing our fears and seeking the balm of Gilead to apply to us.  I am praying and fasting for my brother and nephew and my niece’s boyfriend.  That laborers would cross their path and they would get a glimpse of Jesus and Jesus would woo their hearts to Him.  That they would come to know Jesus personally and have a life long relationship with Him.  I don’t know how people who do not have Jesus survive the death of a loved one.  I’ve been blessed in my life with each death to have the loving arms of Jesus to fall into.  To allow Him to heal all wounds left by the loved ones passing.  To have Him to fill that void left in my life by their death.  I can’t imagine what it would be like to face death without Jesus by my side.  So please also join me interceding for my brother and nephew and my nieces boyfriend.

Health well that is another story.  I’ve had a sore throat since I returned from Michigan and then just recently has one of my teeth begin to act up.  I just don’t physically have the time to visit the doctor.  I know we make time for the things that are important to us, but right now it isn’t important to me.  I have three girls to take care of, a part-time job to work, a household to run and take care of, homework, my father to attend to and don’t forget my dear husband has to fit in there somewhere.  I have discovered through the recent Bible studies that I’ve been participating in that when I am anxious or over stressed I am serving the thing that I fear most.  I am allowing fear to drive me, instead of the love of Christ and Him operating through my life.  It is true you can not serve two masters.

In my recent study with Micca Campbell on her recent book Untroubled Heart, I’ve learned that when the temptation comes to be fearful or anxious, that I have to consciously turn my heart back to the truth of God’s Word.  This doesn’t mean that anxiety and fear will not come into my life in one form or another.  It teaches me what to do when the temptation comes, pray.  Simple, yes, effective oh yes it is.  Phil. 4:6-7.  God has called me to do this and He expects me to do it because He told me so.  So when these come turn to God in prayer and place each temptation for fear and anxiety in His more than capable hands and walk away with the peace that passes all understanding.

I have some great product reviews coming up.  I have two ebook reviews for you.  Another ink pen review.  Some awesome notebooks that are great for Bible studies or journaling.  So please stay tuned.

I am praying for each of you and I thank you for your prayers for me in advance.

Until Next Time,



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