Posted by: hugapoohlouise | October 2, 2012

Happy Birthday! To my Dad!

Yesterday, October 1st was my dad’s 85th birthday.  Yep, he was born in 1927.  He served in Pearl Harbor aboard the USS Hornet aircraft carrier.

I am so proud of my dad.  I am praying that we have many, many more years with him.  My children call him “Poppa” because he says “He was married to a grandma, but he wasn’t old enough to be a grandpa.”  That is just his funny sense of humor.

We’ve lived next door to my dad, as I’ve his sole care taker since my mother passed away in 2006.  My kids are so blessed to be able to see their Poppa every single day.  My dad is overjoyed each time his girls come down to visit.

This year my dad said that he didn’t want anything for his birthday.  But, I couldn’t do that , I had to get him something.  So we bought him his favorite cake (sugar-free), a new watch that actually keeps time and then his favorite carwash and detailing spray that he is too tight to purchase himself.

My girls were a little upset that he didn’t share his cake with them, but when I informed them that it was sugar-free as my dad is diabetic, they were fine with it.

So happy birthday, Dad.  And many, many more.

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