Posted by: hugapoohlouise | October 6, 2012

Thank You!

I just wanted to say thank you to all my subscribers, readers and those who found my blog based on my End Bible Poverty post.

Thank you for helping Katie Orr and Lara Williams make their goal of funding 104 verses for the Vidunda People possible.  The goal has been met according to the last communication I received and then some.  Praise God.

I wanted to personally thank each of you who subscribe or read my blog for being obedient to God and helping out this crazy, awesome dream of two people who have a burden in their heart to End Bible Poverty.  I also want to encourage each of you not to stop there.

OneVerse has many different languages that need funding and you can even sign up to give as a group, this would ideal for a church to give on a monthly basis.  So stop over at OneVerse and pray and seek the Lord for your personal burden.

Imagine for a moment with me will you?  That you don’t have at least five different translations of the Bible around your home.  Imagine that you’ve heard about the Bible and this man they call Jesus but you’ve never read about Him or experienced Him from His Father’s book.  Imagine that you want to learn more about Jesus and how He died for you.  But…you can’t because there isn’t a Bible in your language.  So you will have to rely on the stories that are told around the fires at night.  Or the words whispered in prayer as someone next to you fears for their life.  It is hard for us to imagine this as we are so blessed to have the Word of God so handy to us.  We also have the testimony of saints who have went on before us to glory.

So let’s make a personal pledge within our heart to do our part to spread the gospel as we’ve been called to do.  Set aside once a week that coffee you buy or something else that is a daily, weekly or a monthly thing in your life.  Give what you would normally spend on this item to fund a language through OneVerse.

Until Next Time,



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