Posted by: hugapoohlouise | October 8, 2012

Stabilo EASYOriginal Pen Product Review

I love Stabilo Pens, can you tell?  Once again Stabilo has sent me a new exciting product to try and write a product review.

Stabilo sent me two pens to review a right-hand and a left-hand EASYOriginal Pen with three refills.  Stabilo EASYOriginals are for six years and up.  EASY is ergonomically correct especially for little hands.  These pens are ideal for those learning to write and for ones who struggle with writing and pen placement.

My daughter Gabby used the right-handed pen at her school for thirty-days.  Prior to using the pen my daughter’s handwriting when she would write her first name, Gabby, looked like Sally.  We worked on this all Summer while she was in Kindergarten and First grade and now that she is in Second it a little embarrassing.  So we decided to try Stabilo EASYOriginal pen to see if it made a difference.  Guess what?

It did.  I can know read my daughter’s handwriting.  The teacher has even commented on how well she is doing.  Gabby no longer uses the Stabilo EASY pen, but it helped train her how to hold a pen or pencil properly and to have control over a writing instrument.  Thank you Stabilo.

From Stabilo Website:

Stabilo EASYOriginal:  Target group – those learning to write and school aged children over the age of six.

The pen – a new interpretation of the fountain pen, but ergonomically designed as a rollerball.   The first rollerball designed for right or left handers. The pen is part of Stabilo’s ergonomics expert product line.  Grip zone made from non-slip material.  Every refill has a new tip, extremely easy to refill with no mess.  Larger cap that provides better protection for the tip and less likely to be lost.  Refills that are available in the widths 0.3mm blue or 0.5mm in blue, black and red.  Doesn’t blot or scratch, available in royal-blue erasable ink, document-proof black ink or red ink.  All color combinations of the pen feature a space for a name tag.

Design awards:  2004 ISPA Product of the year award.  2006 German Packaging Award.

I received no compensation for this review.  Stabilo sent me two pens to use free of charge in exchange for an honest opinion review.

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