Posted by: hugapoohlouise | November 7, 2012


If you live in the Sunshine state you can expect a migration to occur each fall season or when the first dusting of snow hits the ground anywhere North of Florida.  I have relatives whom we call, snowbirds.  They live in Florida during the cold season of Michigan or winter.  They live in Michigan when it is hot and hurricane season in Florida.  Each year at a certain time they migrate back and forth.

My kids live for cooler weather and the fall season as they know that their favorite aunts and uncles will be making the pilgrimage.  Each day as we pass their houses I am asked “When will aunt and uncle so and so be here?”  Each day I respond the same way, when we see their car in the driveway we will know they arrived.  We repeat this process each day as soon as the air chills here in Florida.

This year was a little different as their uncle O came to visit right before their other aunts and uncles made the pilgrimage.  Now uncle O does not live in Michigan anymore, too cold there in more ways than I care to explain.  He lives in the Sunshine state with us, but about four hours away.  So when he comes up the girls are excited because he always brings souvenirs and gum.  So this year his surprise visit broke up the waiting for our winter visitors.  Thank you O.

As we prepare for the holiday season here at Melissa’s Musings, I have some awesome product reviews and giveaways in store for you.  So be sure and stay tuned.  I am trying to return back to my normal blogging schedule this fall season, but things keep getting in the way.

I have some notebook reviews coming up, for all you paper addicts and journalers.  I have a Bible review in the works and I have to say I found my new Bible for 2013!  I have some Christian music reviews coming up also.  Book reviews are plentiful here at Melissa’s Musings and I have a few to giveaway.  Great authors!

So stay tuned and I pray that each of you are enjoying the fall season and migration as much as we are here at the blog.  Be blessed my friends.

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