Posted by: hugapoohlouise | November 11, 2012

The High Calling Newsletter Review

Where do you go for encouragement?  Do you rely only on the Word of God for encouragement?  Or do you use outside sources to receive encouragement?

“The High Calling” Newsletter is everyday conversation about God, life, work and faith.  I was given a unique opportunity by Handlebar Marketing to review first hand “The High Calling” newsletter.  I received no compensation for this review, I was given access to the newsletter solely for the purpose of writing an objective review.

“The High Calling” Newsletter is published each week and features the following:

Each weekly newsletter from “The High Calling” includes different Christian views about what they’ve faced this week in their own walk.  I found this to be very unique.  Most encouraging newsletters share with you ideas to uplift, but not too many of them share actual stories from real live people.  This for me really hits home and helps me to take what I read more to heart.  So if you are in need of some encouragement today, why not stop by “The High Calling” Newsletter and see what lies in store for you.

You can visit the “The High Calling” website by clicking on the name anywhere within this post.  I hope you received as much encouragement as I did.
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