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Label Daddy Product Review

Label Daddy – Label the things you love.  Label Daddy has labels for all your needs.  Customized peel and stick, washable labels.  Dishwasher, Microwave and Washer/Dryer safe.

Label Daddy Company Info from their website:  The Label Daddy founders met in high school.  They have remained friends since they were 16 years old.  They’ve dreamed of the day that they could become business partners. Before they could do that, they needed to find a great product that they believed in and that was practical, useful, and worth its value to customers.   Thus, the birth of Label Daddy.  After becoming parents they realized the need for labels for the things they loved.  Label Daddy has labels for many different things.

Labels for clothing, Labels for School, Labels for Camp, Combo packs for sports and camp, allergy labels, return address labels, holidays sets and much more.  You can check out their high quality labels by clicking on Label Daddy anywhere within the post.

I was asked to try Label Daddy’s labels and write a review by One Squared Media.  I received no compensation for this review other than a $60.00 credit to order Label Daddy’s products and to use them.

I don’t have any children that have allergies or that attend camp at the present time, but I do have three active girls who attend school and play extra-curricular activities.  We are always misplacing items.  Jackets, shoes, uniforms, etc.  So I jumped at the chance to try a label that would help bring home the things the girls misplace.  I ordered the following items:

Photo Stickers – which are fully customizable.  You select the photo you would like to use for your label and upload to the Label Daddy site and presto you have a photo label with your choice of picture.  I chose one of my three girls.  I didn’t want labels with names on it for their personal items, since most little ones aren’t able to read yet.  So the customizable photo worked perfect for me.  My little one could look inside her shoes, or backpack and see her own picture and know that these were hers.  I love them.  The kids love them.  I have washed these items many times and they still look new.
Very durable.

I also ordered Christmas return address labels.  If you are like me, my Christmas card list has grown to epic proportions.  I have writers cramp by the time I am done addressing the envelopes and dread labeling them with return address.  So I created a fully customizable return address label for all my Christmas cards.

Label Daddy’s website is a breeze to navigate and select the items  you would like to purchase.  One thing I absolutely love about Label Daddy is their customer service.  I chose a photo for my customize labels and uploaded and then hit the order button.  Apparently the photo I chose was not good quality one it left my iPhone and went to my computer and then to their website.  So I received a call and email from their customer service department asking me if I would like to submit a different photo so that my labels would look great.  Of course.  So I sent them a new photo and they actually sent me a proof to review.  It turned out great.  Now, they didn’t have to do this, they could have used my low resolution image and send me my labels and the deal would be complete.  But Label Daddy actually takes pride in their work and works hard to make sure every customer is completely satisfied.

So as part of Melissa’s Musings Holiday Gift Guide, I give Label Daddy a five-star rating for anyone’s gift list.  Whether you are purchasing for yourself or for a friend or family member you won’t be disappointed.  Label Daddy is now offering NBA and MLB licensed labels.  Marvel labels and Disney labels too.  So they have something for everyone.  Please stop by Label Daddy and let them know Melissa’s Musings sent you.

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