Posted by: hugapoohlouise | January 15, 2013

Psalms 91 by Lara Velez – a Journey through with Melissa’s Musings…

Are you looking for an in-depth Bible study that you can work through at your own pace?  Does one even exist?


I am here to tell you that one does exist.  In fact I found a few!  But I want to share one with you today that I think will bless your quiet time with the Lord.

Psalms 91 was written by Lara Velez.  I read this book in its electronic format for the kindle.  To my knowledge and what I could find on the internet it does not appear to be a hard copy available for this book yet.  An in-depth study into Psalm 91, the Promise of Protection.  I was not able to find an author website for Lara, but I did find a Facebook page and you can find her Facebook page by click on her name anywhere within this post.

This is an in-depth Bible study on Psalms 91.  I was so thrilled when I found this e-book, because the author, Lara takes a few verses and breaks them down for you into smaller easier to devour items.  She goes back to the original language and lists the original meaning of words that do not mean the same thing today as they did when the Bible was written.  She takes most of the hard work out of an in-depth study and does it for you.  Which is a real-time saver if your quiet time is limited to a certain amount of time each day.  You won’t be disappointed with this study.  I know I wasn’t. So if you are a word-nerd like me, you’ll love the break down of the verses into definitions and original meanings.

I was truly amazed at how Lara Velez in Psalms 91 opened up this book and made it easier to understand.  I loved the fact that only a few verses were examined at a time which allowed me to easily digest the teaching and made it easier to remember each lesson.

The promises of Psalm 91 come alive in your life as you read this book and you really begin to understand that God promises to be with you in times of trouble.  The verse “He will never leave you nor forsake you”, I paraphrased this a bit, truly comes alive not only in your reading but your heart, body and soul.  Each verses that Lara breaks down becomes a truth that you can build you house on and you’ll know without a doubt when you finish this study Psalms 91 – the Promise of Protection.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to go deeper into Bible study but has limited time to do it in.  I recommend this book to you if you are a new Christian just beginning your walk or if you are a Christian who has walked with the Lord for sometime.

Disclaimer:  This book was part of the Amazon daily freebie for the kindle.  I received no compensation for this review, nor will I.  I choose to review this on my own to share with the world a message that I believe in.  I am in no way affiliated with Amazon or Lara Velez.

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