Posted by: hugapoohlouise | January 21, 2013

Good Morning, Beloved!

Wow, what an awesome day, it is Martin Luther King Day and it is also inauguration Day too.  Plus, I don’t have to work, so I get off a day.  It is very usually for me to have a Monday off.  So I am super excited.  I was able to catch up on a lot of things.  Especially, since my children had school today.

So let’s see, I was able to get my haircut today which I really needed.  As my hair dresser said you lost a lot of hair enough for three people.  It feels so good to have all that weight off.  I love my new style.  It is easy to take care of and it is stylish.  My dh is not that thrilled about it as he loves long hair.

I am on a little bit of a soapbox this morning.  As each of my dedicated readers know.  I have been writing product reviews for almost five years.  I post them on this blog and share them with you.  I recently became a product review for a certain company, I will not be naming them here.  I had to apply for the position and after much prayer I felt lead to apply for the position.  I received notification that I had been chosen which overjoyed me.  Then I received what I call all the red-tape.  All the procedures, instructions, rules and such.  I even received a mentor someone to help me along the way.  WOW.

I wrote my first review submitted it to my mentor, now mind you I did this during the holiday season and after being released from the hospital when they thought I was having a heart attack.  I received her suggestions with a humble heart and quickly and efficiently changes my post and let it go live.  Then about a week or so ago, I receive an email from someone higher up in this companies organizational chain that I was not following one of the rules set out before me in all the paperwork.  Was I still interested in participating.

Well of course, I am still interested, I mean the Lord does not open a door for you if He is not going to walk with you through it.  So I responded.  Apparently, I am supposed to fill out each form that comes open for a product even if that product does not meet my needs, my children’s needs or is something that we will use.  I have a problem with this.  I can’t in good faith apply to review a product that I know I would never  use.  Would that be fair to the manufacturer?  To send out a product to someone who does not want the product, and also does not see how it could fit into our schedule?  I mean I can force myself to use this product but how productive is that going to be?  If I was the manufacturer I wouldn’t want to send out costly products to people to review that I knew were not going to use them to begin with.  So I have to force myself to use this product that I would never purchase on my own and then I have to write a review for said product.  I have to also tell what I liked about the product, how my children liked the product, how we used it and for how long we used it and the list goes on.

Then, I think the nail in the coffin was I was told I need to visit the message board each day.  Okay, I have a part-time job, a husband, three little girls, an elderly father that I take care not to mention a house and part-time homeschooling.  Do I have time each day to log in to a message board and count myself present?  No.  I don’t log into Twitter each day, I don’t check my blog each day, the only thing I do, do each day is spend quiet time with the Lord on a consistent basis.  The next thing I was told is that I need to become more familiar and join social media outlets.  Like Facebook.  First of all I don’t belong to Facebook, and if you do that is your preference.  I have been asked by my dh to avoid Facebook and I am submitting to his head of the household status and complying with his request.  So why should I have to go against the wishes of my husband and join social media networks just to review products?  I shouldn’t, is the first answer that comes to mind.

So I am asking each of my faithful friends and subscribers to join me in a season of prayer.  I truly felt led of the Lord to become a reviewer for this company, but now I am having serious doubts.  There are so many rules, regulations and hoops that you are required to jump through that any fun in the process has been squashed.  I am not seeing how doing this would honor God,  and my family.  So please pray for wisdom for me and help me to pray for wisdom each day.  This is a tough decision.

Until Next Time,



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