Posted by: hugapoohlouise | January 23, 2013

Grace Williams Fire Fall Album review

Fire Fall Album by Grace Williams of Grace Worship Ministries graciously send me a copy of this album to listen to and write a review.  I received no compensation for this review, I received one copy of the Fire Fall Album to listen too.

I love praise and worship music.  Don’t you?  I can be in the pits of despair or I can be so sad that my countenance changes and I can hear praise and worship music and my whole outlook changes.  It changes my focus from myself to the Lord.  All I want to do is give Him the praise that He deserves.  When I finish listening to praise music I feel so energized and I my outlook has changed.  I am no longer think about myself, I am putting others before self, especially the Lord.  I love to sing about His character and His attributes.  I love to be reminded what He has done for me, what He is doing for me and what He will do for me.


Grace Williams music is as her website says Extravagant Worship!  You can visit Grace’s website by clicking on her name anywhere within this post.  Grace Williams shares that and I quote here:  “Grace is a worship artist, ordained psalmist, songwriter/producer.
 She operates with a Davidic anointing to capture the fresh sounds of heaven.
 Her angelic voice brings healing, peace and comfort to the nations. 
Listen and you’ll hear a voice within her voice moving you closer to the heart of God. 
Catch this messenger of the Spirit…It’s more than music!”

All I have to say is WOW.  After listening to just the Fire Fall Album I was hooked.  She has such a way with music.  You can feel her love for her creator coming through in her lyrics.  You an feel the presence of the Holy Spirit as it anoints each word and sets your own heart on fire for His love.

Included on the Fire Fall Album are the following songs:

  • Fire Fall
  • Temple
  • Lost
  • Closer
  • Don’t Ever Let Go
  • Spirit Come
  • Burn Within
  • Your Anointing with guest artist, Tim Manigault
  • Consume me

After listening to each of her songs a few times, I found it hard to pick a favorite.  They all held a special place in my heart.  Me and my three girls would listen to them on the way home from school each day and allow the anointed words to soak over our soul.  We would praise and worship the Lord of our life and lift Him up and magnify Him.  So no matter what problem they faced at school that day, as we praised the Lord our troubles became so much smaller in comparison to the totally awesomeness of our God.  As we moved from a me, me attitude, to a Lord, Lord attitude our focus and attention changed and we looked at circumstances from a different perspective.  What seemed monumental is really small in comparison to the Almighty God.

So please don’t make me pick a favorite, I am definitely added Grace Williams music to my birthday wish list and Mother’s Day too.

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