Posted by: hugapoohlouise | February 6, 2013

The Hello Morning Challenge is underway…

Over Christmas break, I studied the birth of Christ.  Especially

Luke 12:48b ESV “Everyone to whom much was given, of him much will be required, and from him to whom

they entrusted much, they will demand the more.”

When I was studying within these passages I started thinking about accountability and mentoring.  I live in a rural area as I’ve shared before.  There are not many opportunities for Bible Studies with like-minded ladies.  I found one study that is held on Tuesday Mornings each week that truly blessed me for a years and then I returned to work part-time and I am no longer able to attend.  So I’ve searched high and low for others and I come up empty-handed each time.  Oh sure, I could drive and drive and I’d find one, but that is not practical for me a wife, mother of three, part-time employee, caretaker of elderly father.  So, I turned to the internet to find online fellowship with like-minded women who were interested in studying the Bible together.  I found a few and I’ve shared them here on Melissa’s Musings.

I have to say my all time favorite and the one I keep returning to time and again is the Hello Morning Challenge.  You can find more information over at the blog Inspired to Action or click on either word throughout this blog post and you’ll be taken to their website.  The winter session of Hello Mornings just began last week.  The Lord led me to lead another group of ladies through this challenge again.  I am also participating in a group myself and as member to see what I’ve been missing since I’ve been leading.  I have been so blessed by each of the ladies in my group that I am leading.  Listening to their nuggets they are sharing each morning it makes me realize just how alive and active God’s Word is if we will only let it.

The challenge in a nutshell, and please go check out the website as they do a much better job at explaining this than I do.  Each morning women all over the world are rising before their households to spend time at the feet and in the arms of Jesus.  Each morning we are sitting down to read Gods’ Word, listen to His voice as He speaks to us through the pages of the Bible.  We sit in his lap and feast on the truth each  morning before we start our day with our husbands, children, etc.  We fill our hearts, minds and souls with truth before we step out into the world.  We go to bed each night with eager anticipation, about what God is going to share with us tomorrow.  We sleep well as we dream of the next verses that we will be meditating on and studying out.  We wake up earlier than usual to give our time to our Savior Jesus Christ.

All I can say is, it is awesome.  I use to be the type of person that when the alarm went off in the morning I would hit the snooze alarm until the last possible second and then jump out of bed, run around like a chicken with its head cut off, and rush my children through their morning routines so I could get them out the door on time.  I was cranky, I was tired, and I was beginning to feel the defeat of this way of life.  I wanted change… But I didn’t know how and I didn’t have a mentor or accountability partner in my life to come alongside me to show me the way.  So I choose to pray.  I prayed for a group of women to study with whether in person or online.  I prayed for wisdom on how to study the Bible.  I prayed for God’s guidance and His provision.  I prayed some more.  Each morning I awoke and I prayed, the desperation lifted and I truly saw how my life was in the morning and I desired change.  So I prayed someone more by asking God to help me change.  Guess what?  Remember that saying “Be careful what you ask for”?  I got what I asked.  One day after my prayers I was looking for information on the internet.  I found Inspired to Actions blog and website (which by the way is filled with the most practical, helpful and informative information).

This blog post is to be continued…

Until Next Time,



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