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I just found this post in my draft box, it never go posted during Lent so I am sharing now!  Enjoy.

What is purification?  As you  journey through this Lenten Season with Melissa’s Musings, I will be sharing what the Lord is doing in my life as I draw closer to Him and seek Him for answers.

I stumbled across the word purification in my study this morning.  I do mean stumbled.  As I read the word I could feel my flesh rising up within me saying, “What do you mean purified, I don’t need to be purified. ”  So I went on a few little side trails to discover just want this word “purification” means and how God is trying to relate it to my life today.  Let’s begin…

Purification – State of being or process of becoming free of inferior elements or ritual uncleanness.

A basic goal of religion is to attain purity before the deity.

Thus, a basic Old Testament meaning is that of “refined, purified, without flaw, perfect, clean.”

Note Lamentations 4:7 . (Taken from the Holman Bible Dictionary on

So after reading this word in a Bible dictionary, I wasn’t so quick to think I didn’t need purification.  I mean after all I am a human being who lives in a fallen world that is sin soaked, it’s bound to rub off on me.  Making my garment of white that Jesus gave me when He died on the cross for my sins, dirty, right?  So I read on…

In the Bible when the word purification is mentioned a lot of the times the words “ceremonially clean or ceremonially unclean” are also mentioned.  No one wants to think of themselves as unclean, right?  When I think of unclean ceremonially, I start to feel shame and guilt.  I don’t know about you.  But these words do not make me have warm fuzzy feelings.  So I tend to avoid these words when I am reading God’s Word on a daily basis.  BUT, this Lenten season the Lord has drawn me closer to Him and His magnificent light is causing me to see flaws in my character, my heart and my thinking that I never before noticed.

In the Old Testament there were many ways people became ceremonially unclean.  From coming into contact with a dead body, child-birth or monthly period.  Leviticus 12:8b says “The priest will sacrifice them to purify her and she will be ceremonially clean.” NIV.   In the Old Testament a priest was the one who proclaimed the person ceremonially clean or unclean.  Today, Jesus is the High Priest that declared it once and for all on the cross.

So in my case as I am journeying through God’s Word and He is showing me flaws in myself, I have come to the realization that the Light of Christ shines through me and if I look closely enough I will see the things making me unclean in His eyes.  Sometimes these things need to be brought out in the open with others involved that you trust.  Asking for prayer and for guidance.  Other times these situations require you to get alone with God and allow Him to purify you with His Word through prayer, Bible reading and possibly even fasting.

One thing the Lord showed me this morning as I began to confront these issues in my life, is that purification is always followed by celebration.  As each issue in my life was brought to light, and I confronted it and God showed me what to do with it and what was required.  And as I obeyed, rejoicing and joy flooded my soul.  God has a plan for my life, your life and everyone’s life no matter the circumstances, no matter the time.

So I leave you with these words today to chew on as you follow along with me on this Lenten journey.

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