Posted by: hugapoohlouise | June 9, 2013

I’ve stopped to catch my breath!

As I sat down this evening, I was able to catch my breath.  It has been another whirlwind week in the Water’s family.  How are you my friends?

My 42nd birthday was this past month, Wednesday, and no I don’t feel older just slower. LOL

It was an awesome birthday.  They had a party for me at work and I was very blessed by all the love and support from my co-workers.  I decided to not have a party at home.  My husband’s work schedule has changed yet again so now we just pass in the driveway, me coming home from work and him leaving for work.  Me and the girls decided to have a girls night in and eat our favorite dessert.  We watched the movie the Lucky One and ate cream puffs that were still a little frozen.  This was perfect due to the hot weather we have been receiving here in the Sunshine State.

As part of my birthday present we bought a new car.  We bought a 2013 Dodge Journey.  I finally retired the HHR, my mileage maker.  But I have been pleasantly surprised with the gas mileage I have been getting with this new car.  The girls love the new car as it has digital radio and it has three rows of seats, so no more she is touching me or looking at me, etc.

My brother came up from Fort Myers on Monday and spent the whole week with us and my dad.  My dad bought a new car too.  Must be in the air.  He purchased a 2013 Ford Edge.  He loves it.

The girls are out of school so it has been a busy week.  I took Friday off for my birthday and we had a cook-out and spent time with my dad and brother.

We are now preparing for Sunday and church.  At church we began studying on the Spiritual Warfare.  Our books have not arrived yet, but the Scriptures we have been diving deeper into have really been an eye opener to me.

I want to thank each of you who joined me for the Pearl Girls blogging series, that was done  last month.  It was my prayer that it blessed you in some way.  If it did I’d love to hear your story.

I have so many great reviews in store for you.  I will try to go back to one review a week as we all know summer is a busy time of year.  Well, we can see that is not happening.  I think I’ve discovered why.  I shared a little bit about this before so forgive me for rattling on.  At the first of the year I signed up to be a review for a well-known identity.  They have very strict rules regarding how many blog posts they want you to post each month and what you can and can not post on.  I think my blog personality has rebelled.  I do not like being told what to do, when to do it, etc., except by my Heavenly Father.  So I have dragged my feet.  Each time I realized it was time to post to my blog, this company came in to mind and their stern taskmaster pointing their finger at me came in to my mental image maker and I refused in my flesh and as you can see in my blog.  I apologize to all my faithful readers, this is wrong.  I have been praying on the situation and I’ve decided that I am going to step down from this blogging program that is just too strict for me.

Have a blessed day in the Lord.

Until Next Time,



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