Posted by: hugapoohlouise | June 19, 2013

Are Your Hands Open Wide?

Recently, as I was reading through the Bible in a Year, I came across something one of the Bible teachers I listen to said.  “We have to open our hands in order to receive from God.”

So today, I ask you “Are your hands wide open?”

In order to receive from the Lord, we have to let go of what we’ve been holding on too.  For instance if my hands are clinched in fear, anger or rebellion, how can I receive anything from my Lord?  You can’t.

Now I am not of the belief system that if you name it you claim it.  But…

What I am saying is it is so hard to receive from God when we are holding on to things.  Past hurts, unforgiveness, pain, regret, dreams, our way.

Am I right here?  I challenge  you today to put God to the test.  Whatever you’ve been holding on to because you want too, let it go and let God.

Please share with me your stories as our God can and will do mightily things when we let go and let Him.

Until Next Time,



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