Posted by: hugapoohlouise | July 17, 2013

What’s Up?

First of all, let me start off with a sincere apology. I have been missing in action. Recently, our family has experienced a health scare with our youngest daughter. She started experiencing shortness of breath and actually turning blue around her mouth. If you are a mother, or even if you are not this is a scary situation. Not to mention that we live over 40 miles from the nearest emergency room or urgent care center.
So after many, many doctor office visits, ER visits and hospital stays we finally have a diagnosis. Not sure, if the diagnosis helps, but we have one. My daughter has been diagnosed with Asthma. So we have a truckload of meds that she must take each day and an inhaler that she can’t leave home without or let out of her sight for that matter.
This is my first run in with this diagnosis. My husband grew up with asthma and understands it a little better than me. To look at me you would not know that I am freaking out inside. On the outside I am the picture of calm. I am the only advocate my child has with medical providers and I haven’t rested until they figured out what was wrong and how to help her. So far the asthma attacks she has been experiencing are diminishing on a daily basis. But, she is still having them.
I have been a basket case when no one, but God has been looking. Apparently, I’ve been so upset that I wore a blister on my big toe in my sleep from clinching my feet as I sleep. No wonder I wake up exhausted. I have been trying to work when we have good days and stay home when we don’t and work from home. You may ask how’s that working for me. Not well. But, I know God is able and I am clinging to Him for answers, strength and grace.
So I apologize if you have a review that I am supposed to be working on, I am doing the best I can with what time I have. I do promise that I will meet the obligation that I signed up for. I also apologize that I have not been posting as regular as I normally do, but extreme situations call for extreme measures.
The girls go back to school in early August, so maybe life will settle down just a little. We do have two more huge appointments staring us in the face for little Gabby. A pulmonologist and an allergist. So I covet your prayers as we face the unknown, but we have a known with us sustaining us each day.
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  1. God is able….my prayers are with all of you……just wanted to tell you I just read “The Shack”, I remembered your comments from years ago…..great read… mind rattling, in a good way….wish I had read it when you mentioned it years ago….your reviews are always honest, truthful, thorough and helpful….keep up the good work…..Love, Phyllis

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