Posted by: hugapoohlouise | August 10, 2013

Summer’s End

Come Monday morning Summer’s over officially for my three girls.  They return to school bright and early with their shiny shoes and backpacks.  They are excited.  Which makes this mom’s heart rejoice.  I remember when I became disillusioned with school and wanted to quit.  I am sure this was a very difficult time for my mom as she struggled with me and my aversion to school.  So I am rejoicing that my three girls love school, not as a social club, but as a solid place of learning.

As Summer draws to close for our family I was reflecting over all that has happened in a few short months.  My girls got out in May, early May.  We had our youngest child struggle with breathing this Summer and finally found out that she has inherited the asthma my husband struggled with when he was little.  There for almost a month we spent more time in doctor’s offices, hospitals and specialists offices that we did at work or home for that matter.  It was a scary situation to watch your baby, your youngest child turn blue before your eyes.  In my case it was a little more traumatic since I watched my mom die of emphysema and COPD.  When we finally received a written, acknowledged diagnosis we were able to progress forward and treat our little girls with the latest in asthma medications and praise God they are working at the present time.

One thing I have learned as my family has walked through the valley this Summer is to lean on God.  I’ve shared in the past about anxiety issues that I’ve faced and I have to say as we went through the valley that was sometimes pitch black, I felt the Lord with me.  I never felt alone, I always felt His comforting presence and all I had to do when I felt myself becoming overwhelmed was cry out to Him.  Guess what?  He always answered me.  He answered me with the same thing each time I cried out.  “I am with you” and then He reminded me of this verse Deuteronomy 31:8.  Then the next time I cried out, the Lord laid this verse on my heart Deuteronomy 31:6.  Each time, I cried out to the Lord He showed me in His Word a different verse that confirmed what I was fearing.  He gave me Hebrews 13:5 too.

After our youngest daughter started responding to the daily medication, we could see a light at the end of the tunnel.  We returned to our normal work schedule and life seemed to be carrying on.  Then at the end of July our middle daughter broke her leg.  In a jumping competition between siblings.  I think these competitions are more competitive than the track meets sometimes.  It was a Saturday evening as our three girls were playing at their Poppa’s house.  Jumping, running and enjoying life as kids.  Then our middle daughter went to jump a jump she had jumped many times before and I heard the crunch.  I saw the fall and I felt the pain.  Immediately she started to cry.  When I was able to get her up off the ground I realized that the ankle area was swelling very fast and turning purple.  We went home so I could call my dh and have him come home to watch the other two girls while I took her to the hospital as I felt that it was broke.  From 8pm to 4am, in the emergency room.  We found out that she broke her ankle at the growth plate and that it was too swollen to cast, so they were going to hard splint it and sent us home with a pair of crutches and serious pain medication.  I was so proud of her though she handled the waiting and the procedures better than most adults I know.  This past Wednesday we were finally able to receive her cast.  She chose hot pink and lime green.  It is adorable.  She is letting everyone sign it.  She is supposed to be putting more weight on this permanent cast, but she seems very scared to put weight on that foot at all.  She will hop, but to put down even half her weight stresses her out.

Now we are in August and school starts in less than two days.  So as you can see that is why my blog sat empty most of the Summer.   Me and my family were living life this Summer away from computers, etc.  We were getting dirty, sweaty and enjoying ourselves.  There were times when we wondered why, but God brought us through and that was all the answer we needed.

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