Posted by: hugapoohlouise | October 20, 2013

In Search of Our Hopes, Dreams….

The other morning as I was having my quiet time with God, I shared a post about “Where have my hopes and dreams gone?”.  I was totally amazed at the response that this post received.   I guess its safe to say that I am not alone when I wonder what happened to my hope and dreams.

I have found within my own life the longer I walk in this world

the easier it is for my hope and my dreams

to seem so very far away.

Is it because I live in a sinful world?  is it because I am not taking the necessary or right steps to fulfill my hopes and dreams?  Is it because God has a different plan for my life?  What is true and what is false?  Let’s find out….

The first step that we need to complete in our search is defining what our hopes and dreams are.  So what are  your hopes, what are your dreams?  Pause right now and take some time to write out on a piece of paper your hopes and dreams.

What do you hope to accomplish with your time on earth?

What do you dream possible in your own life?

Where is God leading you?

What were your dreams when you were little?

What are you afraid of?

What makes you anger?

Just a few prompts to help you explore your hopes and dreams.  Remember take as long as you need to complete this list.  Also, this is not a contest to see who can fill up the page with the most hopes, dreams, etc.  It is YOUR perception of hopes and dreams that are remaining unfulfilled in your life. Okay?  If you’d like to share ONE hope or dream with us here, please leave a comment.

Once we have narrowed down exactly what our hopes and dreams are I would love for us to pray over them for a whole week.  Let’s take them to the Lord and lay them at His feet and see if they line up with His will for our lives.  This will take commitment on our part.  Each day whether morning or night we need to bring our hopes and dreams before the throne of our Heavenly Father and pray through them, seek His will, seek His wisdom, seek His guidance for them and allow Him to show us our hopes and dreams in light of eternity.

I am praying for you this week my friends as we seek the Lord and look at our hopes and dreams through the lens of eternity.  Don’t be surprised what your hopes and dreams look like and don’t be surprised if the Lord gives you new hopes and dreams.

Until Next Time,



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