Posted by: hugapoohlouise | October 23, 2013

Hopes and Dreams in light of eternity…

I have to say I never thought my first post on “Where have my hopes and dreams gone”, would become more than one post, but here we are on post number three.  Let’s continue today where we left off praying about our hopes and dreams…

So let’s honestly consider this, have you taken your list of hopes and dreams to the throne room of God at least twice since we last talked on Sunday?  What has He revealed to you about your hopes and dreams?  Please feel to share in the comments.

I will start off.

After identifying my hopes and dreams I began to take them to the Lord in prayer.  I prayed each day asking the Lord to show me why, why weren’t my hopes and dreams being fulfilled, why was I so full of fear, anger and discouragement?  Why?  Each day that I approached Him with MY hopes, dreams, He revealed to me a little more until I could see clearly.

They were MY hopes, MY dreams.

Hopes and Dreams that I’ve had

with me prior to salvation.

The Lord showed me that these hopes and dreams had been with me since I was a little girl.  Before, I even knew the Lord as Savior.  Most of my hopes and dreams were remaining unfulfilled due to their selfish in nature.  They were concerned with the “I, Me, My”, they were all about self with no regard for anyone else.  You know what I’m talking about right?  The thoughts, dreams, hopes that you’ll get to the top no matter whose head you have to step on to get there.

When my hopes and dreams were looked at in light of eternity, they didn’t hold up.  How about yours?  Now, not all my hopes and dreams fell apart in light of eternity.   So what I want you to continue on with this week:

1.  Continue to take your hopes and dreams to the Lord in prayer seeking His wisdom, seeking Him.

2.  As the Lord shows you, your hopes and dreams in light of eternity, ask God to change the one’s that are selfish in nature.  Ask Him to give you a new hope or dream in place of the one that gratifies self.  Ask Him for one that is according to His will, that brings Him glory.

I’ll be back later to check on your progress, after all I have work to do too!  Lord show us the truth when it comes to hopes and dreams, help us to see them through they eyes of eternity and not just the here and now.  Lord, walk with this week and help us to find true fulfillment in the hopes and dreams You have reshaped, reformed and set us free with.  In Jesus Name Amen.

Until Next Time,



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