Posted by: hugapoohlouise | November 11, 2013

We Live In A Cruel World….

When I was a little girl my mother had a ton of what I considered old-fashioned sayings that she would recite as a situation arose.  One that she seem particularly fond of “Life is not fair, the sooner you realize that the better”.   So as a blonde haired, blue-eyed little girl I had all these sayings rambling around in my head and in my spirit.  Then one day….

I became an adult, I grew up and lost that innocence that children are given.  I realized that what my mother said about life being fair was so very true.  I mean after all here I was walking it out. I think the one that really hurts the most is when it is one of your very own children who is being faced with this reality life is not fair.  This one just rips out a mother’s heart and serves it on a platter doesn’t it?

But… my children have something that I did not have as a little child, JESUS.  Your children can have it too.  Just ask me how.

Then this saying that is so true in the earthly realm of things “Life is not fair” can be counteracted with the truth of God’s Word.  My children have a sword, one they can use against the lies of the devil, The Word of God.

“With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible”

Matt. 19:26 ESV

 I have a little blonde haired blue-eyed little girl now, and she is finding out that life is not fair in the form of another student bullying her.  She just entered third grade this year and she lost her best friend from last year.  So she was very excited about going to school and making new friends since her friend, Kayla moved away.  But, it was easier said than done, by the way that is another of my mom’s sayings.  She met her arch-enemy.  We will call her Vicki, okay, to protect this little girls privacy.  Well Vicki has basically tormented my daughter since day one of school.  As a mother, my first response is that of a Grizzly Bear attacking and removing the threat.  But, as a Christian mother, I am caught between the need to protect and the need to do it in a way that brings my Lord glory and honor.  No matter how long I’ve walked with Jesus, these fleshly desires still rise up from time to time, do you experience that?  So, I have to go to the Lord my only source of power and the only way I can overcome the flesh.  I am learning each day, dying each day, and drawing near to Christ.  After all, I am the only advocate besides Jesus my child has and if I am not for her who will be?

I am sharing this with you since it is has not been easy for me as well as for my daughter.  We cling to the verse above Matthew 19:26 in the ESV Bible.  I  have shared with my daughter my mom’s saying about life and it not being fair.  Then I’ve shared with her that we have a great big God and our great big God cares for each one of us.  So me and my daughter have prayed about this situation.  We’ve stormed the throne of God asking for wisdom and how to proceed.  We’ve cried out to Him with our frustrations, hurts and fleshly responses that keep rising up in our hearts and mind.  Guess what?  He has met us right where we are and given us the wisdom, the answers and the comfort that is better than any I’ve had before.   He has applied the Balm of Gilead to our hearts and souls.  Lord lead us…

I can honestly say that Vicki has not stopped her evil ways.  She is probably doing it to others as we speak.  But, my daughter goes to bed every night praying for the soul of this little girl.  Praying that God would use herself in Vicki’s life to bring her to God.  Or as my daughter likes to put it, she is praying that all hell will break loose in Vicki’s life, so she can see a need for a Savior.  Oh what a testimony!  Can I get an Amen?  I am not condoning the teasing, eye-rolling and bullying, I know this is a serious offense, I am just sharing how we as a family after God’s own heart are walking through the situation.

What a wonderful lesson for this mama.  Pray for our enemies.  Doesn’t the Word of God tell us to pray for our enemies?

44 But I say unto you, Love your enemies,

bless them that curse you,

do good to them that hate you,

and pray for them which despitefully use you,

and persecute you;

45 That ye may be the children of your Father

which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to

rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust

Matthew 5:44-45 KJV

So as I shared earlier, I know bullying is a serious problem.  I am not making light of the situation.  Every situation is different and you as a parent will have to seek the wisdom on how to respond to each individual problem.  I am just sharing how me and my little girl are facing it in light of eternity.  My daughter’s teacher is well aware of the situation and we’ve joined together in prayer.  I would love to pray for you if you are facing similar problems in your child’s life, your home, school.  Just drop me a line and I’ll pray for you.

Vicki is a soul, a lost soul and she needs Jesus.  My mother had another saying, “Hurt people, Hurt people”.  This little girl has walked further than I have at 42 years of age, I am sure.  She has been in the foster system and bounced from one home to another for all of her 9 years of life.  Finally, her and her brother have found a little light, a home with a mother and father and other siblings, a school that is committed to teaching the Word of God first.  So, my mother’s saying is true, people who are hurting inside look for ways to make others hurt inside just like them.  So will you join me in praying for Vicki, her family who needs the Lord in their life.  Who needs to know that no matter what she has faced thus far in her life she has not faced it alone, the Lord her Lord has been with her and He wants to have a personal relationship with her.  That He sent His only begotten Son to die for her.  Will you?

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