Posted by: hugapoohlouise | December 16, 2013

Happy Birthday to Gabby My baby turns 9 today….

Well, it is official, my youngest child turns 9 today!  So let’s sing Happy Birthday to Gabby this morning.  Happy Birthday, Gabby from Mom.  I love you.

We celebrated her birthday this Saturday with family and friends.  I can hardly believe that next year my youngest child will be in the double digits of age.  Time flies, too fast…. Stop and savor the moments.  Hold their hands for a little while, but hold their hearts forever.  Cup their faces and tell them that you love them to infinity and beyond.  Tell them your proud of them and that they make you proud.  Squeeze them a little tighter when you hug them, you do hug them don’t you?  Snuggle with them a little bit longer tonight before bed.  Remember time marches on and waits for no one.

Gabby is a special child sent straight from God into a Type A, perfectionist life.  She is my OCD child, she has compulsions, fears and great big monsters that threatened to overtake her if she does not complete her routine each step carefully and slowly.  She has taught me that “hurry up” is not a word to be used in our household.  She has taught me to slow down and savor the gifts I’ve been given by God.  To notice the purple flower amid all the yellow ones.  That I normally would have missed.

The child that taught me how to pray, on my knees or flat on my face before the throne of God.  To bear my soul to a God who is in control even when mine is spiraling out of control.  She taught me to taste and see….

So I wanted to wish my special little gift of God a very Happy Birthday.  I love you Gabby girl.

Until Next Time,



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