Posted by: hugapoohlouise | December 31, 2013

Thanksgiving Prayer for 2013 From Melissa’s Musings….

Dear Heavenly Father:

I really want to thank You and praise You on this last day of the year.  For each step my feet took in 2013.  For my health and my family’s health and protection that You graciously provided.  Thank you for my husband, three little girls and each day I was given with them and also with my dad.  Thank You for each day I walked on Your creation.  Thank You for all Your provision provided to me in 2013, but truly blessing me.

Yahweh, thank You for accepting me the way I was and for changing me day by day with a desire to become like Jesus that You and You alone placed in my heart.  Thank You for forgiving me when I fail and I fail often.  Thank You for grace and for showing me how to apply grace to others.  Thank You for my salvation!  Thank You for adopting me into Your family and making me Your own.  Thank You for making me a daughter of the King and a fellow heir with Your Son Jesus.  Thank You that I can approach You and Your throne in prayer.  Thank You for  making a way for me to do this and for desiring me to meet with You daily in prayer not just presenting my wants, needs, but to truly sit in Your presence and soak up You.  Lord instead of being quick to ask for something from you let me in 2014 and beyond be quicker to give thanks to You rather than ask.

Thank You for the inheritance that You have stored up for me in Heaven!  That it is secure and moth nor rust does corrupt.  Thank You for eternal security and for the opportunity to read the whole Book and to know the ending.  Thank You that nothing, and Your Word says nothing can separate me from Your love.  I thank You for loving me and for providing a way for our reconciliation!

Lord in 2014, I begin a new year and journey, but You have already been there and You know what lies ahead of me.  In 2014, Lord help me to be faithful to record and remember your faithfulness.  Each day you provide to me is a gift and I want to make sure that I thank You for them and that I am reminded of them often.  Lord, I want Your Word to be the light in my life to illuminate the path that I am to walk in 2014.  I trust You Lord and I am following hard after You.

Abba Father, I want to thank You most of all for Your only begotten Son, Jesus Christ.  Thank You for sending us a Savior.  Thank You.

Until Next Year,


***This prayer of thanksgiving comes from my heart.  I learned about thanksgiving prayers in Tara Furman’s book that I recently reviewed.  Intimacy With God Your Daily Guide to Prayer.****



  1. Amen……and Happiness and Prosperity to you and yours in the New Year of our Lord…..Love, Phyllis

    • Phyllis:
      Thank you for your words and I pray the same for you. Have a great 2014! How is the book coming for Alexis?

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