Posted by: hugapoohlouise | January 8, 2014

Do You Need A Break?

Do you need a break?  It is only 8 days into the New Year and I feel as if I’ve already ran a few marathons.  Do you?

My heart goes out to you my dear sisters and brothers.  It really does.  I am weary and this is not a good place for me to be, you either.

Melissa’s Musings will be taking a short break.  Four days ago, I received a phone call that my sister passed away.  You know the one, I posted about it twice in the past month.  Well, the phone call came and the first thing that went through my little mind was “Thank God, I was here to take the call and not my mom.”  As a parent myself, you never want to receive the call that your child has passed away, I don’t care how old you are.

The second thing that ran through my mind was a prayer for my said sister and her family.  I don’t know the state of mind of my sister when she passed, but my hope in JESUS.  I pray that she was able to find Him in her darkest hour and that she ran to His waiting arms.  I prayed for her sons and husband.  I prayed for my other siblings.  Then, I prayed for myself.

Third thing going through my mind was that it was snowing and blowing in Michigan and so very cold.  How was this little Florida girl who doesn’t even own a winter coat going to make it Michigan in this weather.  Was I even invited?  What would it be like?  I’ve never been to a funeral where the person was cremated.  Would I freeze to death?

Fourth thing that went through my mind was how much I despise Facebook.  Apparently, someone in my family or someone who knows my family posted to their Facebook account that said sister died, BUT they got the wrong sister.  So immediately after receiving the call that my eldest sister died at the young age of 64, I got tons and I mean tons of phone calls asking about my second oldest sister and how she died, etc.  So after explaining 5 million times that sister B did not die, it was sister A, I was emotionally, physically exhausted.

Wow, I had no idea my mind was that big to have four thoughts at the same time.

So I will be taking about two weeks off from blogging here at Melissa’s Musings.  My brain is too tired to muse right now.  I sincerely apologize.  I will miss each of you bunches and I would appreciate your prayers for this situation.

Until Next Time,




  1. Sending prayers heavenward for you, your family, your sister’s family and other loved ones.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words and most of all for your prayers. M Grace be with you my friend. Amen Sincerely, Melissa Waters, President of Melissa’s Musings A Product Review Blog 6490 NW 170th Street Trenton, FL 32693

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