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Chasing God by Angie Smith Book Review

Recently, I shared with you that I needed a break. I asked if you needed one too and it seems the consensus was that everyone needed a break.

I have been worn out lately, not just from what is going on in my life but in general. This verse kept coming to mind over and over again. 2Th 3:13 “As for you, brothers, do not grow weary in doing good.” ESV  I felt as if I was wearing myself out and not making any progress. Can I get an amen?

Much to my surprise I was given a break. More like a breath of fresh air, my soul was lifted and my energy renewed. I also shared that I had a hard trip to make. My oldest sister passed away this month and I had to travel over 2,400 miles to a funeral in the middle of winter. Not to mention by car. This was a trip I was dreading. Me and my sister have never had a great relationship and I knew all too well this was not going to be good for me spiritually. But, my break came on this trip. Yep, isn’t God amazing? He uses the things in our life that we least expect to refuel, recharge us and set up back on the path He has laid out for us. My brother made the trip with me. I was so happy when he volunteered to drive.

I packed at least 15 books to take with me, you know just in case. The first book I picked up was “Chasing God” by Angie Smith. This was the book that I needed.


Angie Smith’s words breathed life into my hungry, worn out soul. It was as if each word that she wrote was tailored just for me. Honestly, I thought she had a hidden camera in my life and was writing out my journey. I love the way that Angie Smith writes. Humor, truth, sarcasm, more truth. You get the picture. But, it was more than her method of writing it was the words the Lord was using to meet me where I was and show me where I had taken a wrong turn. I was chasing God…

I had to ask myself, what I had been searching for? Then I had to ask where had I been looking? Boy, was I not prepared for what I discovered. Angie told me to “Stop, Stop running around in circles pursuing a 1,000 different paths. To stop chasing God and trying to catch up with Him. This journey had me looking deep inside me as I allowed God to reveal to me where I’ve relied on man or self instead of God. All my chasing and running has led me down a path that was paved with man’s explanation of how to find God, not how God wanted me to pursue Him. Ouch can you feel my toes getting stepped on? My natural tendency was to blame it on my legalistic religious background, but God is too great to leave me in my misconception.

So the first thing I needed to discover was how to pursue God the way He wanted me to pursue Him. Don’t worry, Angie is very detailed in book and walks hand in hand with you on this journey toward God discovery. She shares her own personal story and journey and then leads you through your own discovery. Angie told me in her book that we were created with a longing, a longing for God and more of Him. That is how He created each one of us. But, sometimes we actually get addicted to the chase, especially when the chase becomes about pleasing man. Bible reading check, Church, check, Prayer, check.

As you can see for an over achiever, listing making, obsessive compulsive this was my path. I was seeking to please man and chasing after God. I had let the thing I was chasing become the object and I lost sight of it and allowed the steps to rule over me. Just as Angie shares in the book I had become exhausted and was headed for discouragement. Thank God, I realized that what I had been pursuing was not God but man’s religion. I did exactly what Angie told me too. I didn’t give up! I continued devouring her book to discover how to pursue God and actual find Him. I won’t lie, it was not an easy journey, but I can testify it was well worth it.

Angie Smith’s book “Chasing God” does not contain any magic formulas on how to live our life with God, but what you will find is the difference between looking for Him and looking at Him. The key lies in asking and seeking the answer to the question “What has God called us to do?” and then doing it.

If you want to learning about God from God then grab your very own copy of Angie Smith’s book “Chasing God”. Or keep reading for your chance to win your very own copy.

This journey will take you back to the beginning and the basics. It will require you letting God guide you instead of man. Let God guide you through His word, not man. Pursue the truth. Only God has all the answers so open His book, the Bible and seek Him. You won’t find exhaustion or discouragement, but you will find so much more than you bargained for.

It is very rare that I come across a book that I want everyone to read, but I dare say this is the book. I plan on getting copies for all the ladies in my life.

Now for the extra special good stuff. If you would like to check out this book for yourself, then enter to win your very own copy today. Here is how: One entry for every comment on this blog post. One entry for every tweet you send regarding this post (you have to email me the links to the tweets). One entry for subscribing to my blog. One entry for following Melissa’s Musings on Twitter at @MelissaWaters15. One entry for sharing about this review on Facebook. So what are you waiting for enter today.

Until Next Time,


 DISCLOSURE OF MATERIAL PROVIDED:  I received a copy of this book from the BH Publishing Group and Icon Media Group for review purposes.  I was not compensated for this review, nor was I required to write a positive review.  The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.  So please enjoy.  This post contains NO affiliate links.



  1. I have not yet read Angie Smith’s book, “Chasing God” but it sounds like a book I would like to read very much. Good review!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. I’ve entered you into the contest to win your very own copy!

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