Posted by: hugapoohlouise | January 25, 2014

Announcement! Two are Better Than One!

We have a very exciting announcement to make here at Melissa’s Musings.  Some of you may have already discovered that the blog name has changed.  Yep!  It is now Melissa’s and Dawn’s Musings.

I’ve invited a very dear friend of mine to the blog.  Her name is Dawn Maurice.  I’ve asked her to come alongside me and help me with blog posts, product reviews and such.  Let’s show her some bloggy love and welcome her.  Stay tuned for an introduction post from Dawn on Monday.

I am so excited to have her come alongside me and help me out with all our product reviews.  Dawn is an artist and her work is beautiful.  She has been gifted by the Lord and you can tell.  It is my hope that her talent will flow through the blog into your lives and meet the needs that I wasn’t able to in the past.  I pray that more artists will begin to follow our blog and share their product review requests.

I ask that you pray for Melissa and Dawn as they begin this new chapter in their life to bring you the same heartfelt reviews on products you are interested in.

Until Next Time,


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