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Organizing Your Prayer Closet – A New And Life-Changing Way To Pray by Gina Dukes

How do you feel about prayer?  I shared some of my concerns with prayer on the blog a few days ago and I received an overwhelming response.  Apparently, I am not alone in my struggle to find time to pray, to remember to pray and what to pray.

What if I told you that there was a way to “organize your prayers” and become more organized in praying?

Do I have just the book for you.  I have to tell you I read this book three times before I wrote this review.  If you only read one other book besides the Bible in 2014, let it be Gina Duke’s book “Organizing Your Prayer Closet – A New and Life-Changing Way to Pray”.  I recommend it to anyone who has any question regarding prayer.  I recommend this book to seasoned prayer warriors.  It is a definite read.

Book-CoverQuote from The “Prayer Closet Organizer” is a journaling method that will enable you to:

Offer meaningful worship.

Spiritually grow by overcoming sin.

Hear God with clarity.

Discover the wonderful, God-inspired story that the Lord is working through you.

Experience the pleasure of obedience to God’s will.

Become a proactive ambassador of Christ.

Discern God’s calling for your life.

Remember prayer requests.

Learn how to pray with Scripture.

Record how God is using you to affect the lives of others.

Develop faith and confident in the sovereignty of God.

Do you struggle with focus in your prayer life?  I do, when I enter my prayer closet to pray my mind goes in 1,000 different directions all at once.  I lose my focus, my thoughts and end up discouraged and defeated.  I think this is exactly the enemies plan.

“Organizing Your Prayer Closet” can be used anytime, any where, and any place.  I love the fact that it is large enough to allow me to write in, but compact enough to take with me every where.

Have you ever had someone ask you to pray for them or for a special concern?  When it came time for you to pray did you struggle with recalling who you promised you would pray for or about what you promised to pray?  I do all the time.  My memory is not what it use to be.

Gina shares on page 26 of her book “Have you ever made a heartfelt commitment to pray for someone’s need, and then completely misplaced the promise?”  Not anymore.  With the help up “Organizing Your Prayer Closet” you will be more organized in recording and maintaining your prayer requests.

How do you begin your prayers?  Do you usually begin with your cares and concerns?  Gina shares in her book “Organizing Your Prayer Closet” how  to begin with praise and thanksgiving.  Psalms 100:4 “Enter His gates with thanks; enter His courtyards with praise!  Thank Him! Bless His name!  As you use your organizer you will be able throughout the day to keep track of the things you want to honor God with in praise.

This year I am doing Ann Voskamp’s 1,000 gifts.  As I keep track of the things that I am thankful and the gifts given to me by my Heavenly Father I use Gina’s book to record them in the “Praise and Thanksgiving” section.  What takes up your largest chunk of your prayers?  Time request or praise?  I too have struggled with this.  But “Organizing Your Prayer Closet” can change this.  With her book we can record all He is doing in our life and through our life so when it comes time to pray we can offer the thanks to Him without forgetting or getting distracted.

We are taught by the Lord Himself in the Lord’s prayer (Matt. 6:9-13) to start our prayers with praise.  Bringing us into the very presence of the Lord.  Gina offers help when praise fails to come to our lips.  She gives practical methods that she has used herself for years.  She helps us discover the deep places of our heart where authentic, personal praise springs forth.

Each chapter in “Organizing Your Prayer Closet” has a section with correlating Scripture.  Speak this to God in your prayers and watch what happens.

The second section of Gina’s book is “Freedom and Forgiveness” In this section she shares a good point that we all have to deal with our junk, so why not get started now.  We need to take a look at the issues in our lives and bring them before the Lord.  This section serves a mirror where we can write down our shortcomings and review them.  Where we can humbly acknowledge them and surrender them to the One who can set us free.   This section can be used daily so we identify any repetitive patterns in our life and see which sins trip us up habitually.  I love the fact that Gina has us pray Scriptures that pertain to our particular sins.  Everyday.  Only God’s Word can break the hold of sin in our life.  This section is the next best thing to an accountability partner, but only if you use it truthfully.

The third section in Gina’s book is “Prayer Petitions”.  This section causes us to think through our day and determine who needed and requested prayer from us.  This section allows us to check the motives of our heart before we form our prayer requests.  To line up our requests with God’s will.  In this section you will also take the time to consider exactly what it is you are praying for and why.  Every prayer request is special and unique.  This section leads to effectual prayer.  You’ll have to read the book to find out Gina’s special formula that has truly enlightened my prayer time.

The fourth section of the book is “God Answers”.  Psalms 17:6 “I cry out to you because you answer me.”  Did you realize that God answers your prayers?  If not, this section will help you recognize the truth of Psalms 17:6.  I love the fact that this section of the book allows me to consistently bring spiritual things into our physical view through journaling.  If you desire a clearer understanding of God’s direction than this is just the section for you.  As God answers our prayers we can learn more about Him.

The fifth section of the book is “At The Right Time”.  This section allows us to see God’s beauty through recording God’s timing in our life.  Are you waiting for something?  Ask God how you can better serve Him during this waiting period.  God will use this section to build and test our faith as well as work out any issues in our lives and the lives of others.

The sixth section of the book is “My Heart/My Passions”.  This chapter is about finding our God-given purpose and discovering the role God has for us personally.  This is a place to check our motives and record our spiritual progress.  This is the only section of Gina’s book that deals solely with self.

The seventh section of the book is “Ambassador Notes”.  In this section we are taught to record the names of the people we have ministered to daily.  Where we include any special details to help us pray for these people.  It can be used to plan our face to face encouragement.  Allow this section of the “Organizing Your Prayer Closet ” to be a constant reminder to demonstrate the grace and mercy of God on Jesus’ behalf.

The eighth section of the book is “Insights and Updates”.  This chapter will help us open our eyes and helps us gain insight regarding the situations for which you are praying.  When we write down our prayer petitions we truly surrender our worries, our confusion and our need to know how things will turn out to our Heavenly Father.

The ninth section of Gina’s book is “Ears to Hear”.  The purpose of this chapter is to capture those moments when God speaks to us.  Keep a record of your prayers and the answers God provides will grow your faith and help us learn to hear His voice.

The last section of the book is on “Faith and Follow-Through”.   This section is for recording the requests that God asks of us.  This section is also the second part to “Ears to Hear”.

I saved the best part for last.  The last section of Gina’s book “Organizing Your Prayer Closet” has worksheets that outline each section I mentioned above.  They include scriptures and a place for you to journal your response.   What an awesome tool.  This has been a real eye-opener for me.  I can easily see what I’ve prayed for, how I’ve prayed for it.  This allows me to tailor future prayers in a similar manner.  The effectual prayer I spoke of earlier.

Are you ready for a transformed prayer life?  To see the hand of God in your life and most importantly in your prayers?  Then don’t delay, click on the title of Gina’s book or her name anywhere within the post to purchase your very own copy.  While you are at Gina’s website check out her awesome YouTube videos on prayer.

Until Next Time,


DISCLOSURE OF MATERIAL PROVIDED:  I received a copy of this book from the BH Publishing Group and Icon Media Group for review purposes.  I was not compensated for this review, nor was I required to write a positive review.  The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.  So please enjoy.  This post contains NO affiliate links.


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