Posted by: hugapoohlouise | February 5, 2014

February? All Ready….

I can hardly believe it is February already….  By the way did the Groundhog see his shadow?  I am so out of the loop.  January was a very busy month for  the blog, my family.

Dawn joined our review team and her first review went live this week so be sure and check it out!  And stay tuned for more reviews from us focusing more on Art!  I heard from a little bird that there was an upcoming review for a sketchbook.  So if you have a creative bone in your body you’ll want to subscribe to stay up to date with all the product reviews.  Let us try before you spend your hard-earned money on it.

I shared my review of Gina Duke’s book “Organizing Your Prayer Closet” and I received an awesome response from the author and our blog readers on this review.  I received an awesome answer to my organized prayers.  I just have to share with you.  I am organizing my prayers according to the method shared in Gina’s book.  See review for more information.  Or better yet, purchase your copy now and read for yourself.  Now I can see what I’ve prayed for and when I’ve prayed for it and I can also see God’s answer.  Because, God does answer prayer my friends.

I’ve been praying for a certain situation at work for sometime.  Let’s say almost 5 years.   I’ve shared a little bit about it in the past, but not too much.  It is has weighed heavy on my heart for a long time.  So as I began to pray about this situation again and presenting my petitions before my Heavenly Father things began to change within me and He began to change things.  To make a long story short, I’ve been offered a new position at work with the same hours, and greater pay! The obstacle has been removed, what I deemed impossible, God made possible and He moved far beyond what I expected.  Plus His hand in all this ensured that there are no hard feelings, disgruntled employees.  Isn’t it amazing.  So I will be starting the end of February assuming different duties at work which will be a time of transition for me.  I covet your prayers.

February will also be a busy month for Melissa and Dawn.  The Hello Morning Challenge for Winter 2014 Session begins this month.  Melissa has stepped down as an Accountability Captain and passed the hat onto Dawn.  Melissa will be an Accountability Captain Encourager and a participant of YahwehSisters, which is a Twitter Hello Morning Group.  Dawn will now lead YahwehSisters on Twitter for the Winter 2014 Session of Hello Mornings.   If you are interested in Bible study, fellowship and you use Facebook or Twitter and Instagram stop on by the Hello Morning website and check it out.  I have been doing the Hello Morning Challenges now for my third year and I can’t say enough good things about it.  A Bible study method that allows you to study the Bible for yourself, not some spoon fed method that feeds you someone’s opinion.  Plus fellowship and community.

We also have some great product reviews coming up.  Do you struggle with your Quiet Time?  Is it and you filled with guilt?  I have a review that you don’t want to miss.  As I mentioned earlier in the post Dawn has her first art product review up and coming.  Also this month Melissa will be reviewing for the first time Grace Fox’s new book for families.  So stay tuned and don’t miss any of the happenings.

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