Posted by: hugapoohlouise | March 1, 2014

Bite Sized Encouragements ~ March

As we begin a new month all around the world, I wanted to bring us back to bite sized encouragements to lift your soul and spirit.  Let’s bring March in like lion in our spirits as we praise the Lord, share Him with others, and bring Him glory.  Remember it is not about me or you it is about Him.

February was a rough month for me.  Our family had some pretty serious sickness that lingered on and on.  Then we had some serious cold weather here in the Sunshine State.  I had forgotten how brutal the winters could be…  Thank God.  My mother always said to me or maybe it was my dad “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”  Well, my kids eat their weight and than some in apples and we still all came down with the flu/cold virus.  Before you ask, “No, we did not get the flu shot.”  That is a story that is too long to go into here.  My oldest daughter Savannah came down sick first.  Her reasoning behind why she was sick was that a fellow student in her class came to school sick and it took this girls mother three hours to pick her up.  Yep, they left a little girl with a fever in the classroom full of other children for over 3 hours.  The hardest part about this illness for Savannah is it happened days before her birthday.  So she was not able to have her birthday party as previously planned.  Bummer, especially for a newly 13-year-old teenager, right?  It was interesting to me that Savannah chose to single-out one girl to blame this sickness on.  What a life lesson God provided me with to teach Savannah.  I love watching for parallel things that lead back to the Lord in my girls life.  I love sharing with them His hand in all this and how He never leaves nor forsakes them.  So needless to say, then Madison got sick, and then Gabby and then mom and dad.  Our family is still in the recuperating mode, so I covet your prayers for complete healing and strength.

So as we enter March my soul is parched.  Not because I haven’t been spending time in the Word with my Lord.  It is parched and longing for more of Him.  It is thirsty for truth, truth that will set us free, truth that will overflow in our lives into others.  So without further ado, let’s find some encouraging thoughts to enter this brand new month in.  Let’s bring March in like a lion with our praise, worship and dedication to each other.  Let’s make the bond between us strong so nothing or no one (even the prowling one) can tear apart.

Are you experiencing condemnation or conviction?  How do you tell the difference you might ask?  Condemnation comes from the enemy of our soul.  Conviction is from the Holy Spirit.  Condemnation always leaves you feeling inadequate, unfulfilled, desire more.  Conviction leads you back to the Lord and helps you see where you got off track.   What helps me is to turn my eyes heavenward and say “Lord, my eyes our fixed on You.”  It is the only way I can become more like Him.  If my eyes are cast down in condemnation, who are my eyes focused on?  The god of this world with the little “g”.  I don’t think so.

When families are sick and in close quarters for long periods of time, tempers and differences of opinions seem to run wild.  My girls always have something to say, way too much sometimes.  Matt. 13:16 tells us “But blessed are your eyes because they see, and your ears because they hear.”  I don’t see anything in there about our mouths being blessed because they spew, do you?  The first thing I tell my girls and myself is “Stop talking”.  I don’t yell it, scream it.  I just hold up my hand and say “Stop talking, pause.”  If I am self-talking, then I ask myself, what God’s Word says about this situation.  I don’t want the world’s wisdom, I want God’s.  I will tell you, I fail a lot, miserably.  But, I run into the arms of my Heavenly Father and confess the sin for what it is and ask Him to forgive me.  I am so grateful for His grace, especially that it was a free gift that this overachiever could not earn.

I hope these words speak life into your very soul.  With Lent coming up, I would love to hear your plans and what you will be studying.  Last year I walked through “Holey, Wholly, Holy” by Kris Camealy.  This year one of my Bible study buddies shared with me that Kris published a workbook.  I haven’t had a chance to check it out, I would love to do review here on Melissa’s and Dawn’s Musings.

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