Posted by: hugapoohlouise | March 5, 2014

Accountability? Who needs it?

I do!  I am an ACE (accountability captain encourager) for the Winter 2014 Hello Morning Challenge.  As most of you know who read my blog on a regular basis, I was an AC (accountability captain) for at least 3 years on Twitter.  This year I’ve changed roles with Hello Mornings and am loving every minute of it.

I am a participant in our old Twitter group.  Our #YahwehSisters Group who has a new AC ,can you guess who? Dawn!  I still get to be with all my friends that I’ve met through Bible Study.  We still get to study together and prayer together.  I just love the fellowship of our group.  Someone is always quick to jump in and help the other one.  Fellowship through social media.  This Winter session we are studying about Ruth.

I need the accountability of this group.  I need to know that I have each of these Bible study buddies waiting for me to check in with a nugget I’ve gleaned from our study that morning.  Oh, did I mention that Hello Mornings provides a free Bible study to each participate?  Not just any study, a study written by Lara Williams and Katie Orr.  These two ladies are phenomenal when it comes to writing Bible studies, they take you on a journey to discover Scripture for yourself.  Each of their studies left me longing for more and more I got as I studied deeper into our lessons on my own.  I love that they don’t give me their opinions or views, they let me find out the truth from God’s Word.

The Winter Session of Hello Mornings 2014 is closed, but we will be having another study starting soon.  So stay tuned here on Melissa’s and Dawn’s Musings or why not join the list at Hello Mornings.  You can find out more information on the Hello Morning Challenges by clicking on Hello Morning anywhere within this post and you will be taken to their website.  To find out more about Lara and Katie’s studies just click on their name and you will be taken to the Quench Bible Study website.  I do not have any affiliation with or receive any compensation for this.  I just wanted to share with each of my readers my need of accountability and where I receive it.

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