Posted by: hugapoohlouise | March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Melissa’s and Dawn’s Musings.

I’m Irish.  My maiden name is “Flanagan”, so yes I am Irish.  My whole family loves St. Patrick’s Day for reasons beyond my comprehension.  They like to go out to the local pubs and drink green beer.  Now, I have to confess, this is not on my list of things I long to do.  Sorry:(

The other day as I was conversing with a family member about where they were going for St. Patrick’s day and how they found the perfect place to celebrate St. Patrick’s day.  As they went on and on about their plans, I kind of tuned out.  I love my family, but I don’t love what they do.  I am not better than them, I am just washed in the blood of Jesus.  My desires are different.  My longings are not my own, they are His.

All throughout this conversation I heard this person say how lucky we were, because we are Irish.  Hmmm.  I had to think on that one for a minute.  Then I responded.  I am not lucky.  No, not even because I was born into an Irish family.  Not even because my parents stayed married my whole entire life until one passed away.  Not because I am healthy, not because I have a roof over my head and my children have clothes.  Not because I have a job, new car, etc.  I am not lucky.  I am blessed!

Blessed to be a child of God.  Blessed to be called a child of God.  Blessed to be adopted into God’s own family.  Blessed to be alive!  I’ve never been lucky.  Only blessed.  How about you?

I want my life to overflow with blessings so that those around me can receive the same blessings as me.  I want those whom I love in my life to realize that I don’t drink green beer on St. Patrick’s day.  Not because I think I am above that, but because I have no desire for it.  I want my desire to be solely focused on Jesus and drinking in Him.  His blood is the wine and His body is the bread.

So this St. Patrick’s day, if you find yourself with a pint of green beer, I am not judging you, I would be honored to pray with you.  I am not condemning you, because I have too many beams in my own eye to pay attention to the mote in yours.  I pray that you too will realize that you too are blessed.  Not lucky.

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  1. Every morning I wake up and remind myself, “I am blessed and highly favored.”

    • Amen!

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