Posted by: hugapoohlouise | March 26, 2014


In case you’ve been wondering what is going on behind the scenes at Melissa’s and Dawn’s Musings, Melissa has been unplugged!

Yep!  Our internet went down last Tuesday due to a wind storm and four transformers blowing in the area.  The power surges killed my modem.  We had a real proper funeral.  The thing that blows me away (no pun intended) is that the modem was the only thing struck and it was on a power surge protector.  But, I attribute it to that still small voice I’ve been hearing for a few months now.  You may or may not know the one I am talking about.  The one that starts off with reminding me how my smart phone has become attached to my body.  How when my sweet little girls are talking to me, I am staring at a screen.  Have you heard that one?

If not, I am proud of you for being in control of your time online.  I am ashamed of myself for not being a good steward with mine.  So guess what?  I got the chance to practice self-control.  As our modem lay in a smoking heap and was lowered into the ground, that voice that is not the good voice said, “You can use your data plan on your phone”.  You know the one, I am sure.  But, I stopped right there and silenced that enemies voice and asked the Lord to help me remain strong.  I laid my smart phone to rest in my purse and walked away.  That was Wednesday morning.

My husband surprised me for our 15th Wedding Anniversary and took me on a shopping spree.  As we spent the whole day going to my favorite stores.   Like, Office Max and Depot.  Target, the Mall, etc.  We had a great time together.  We even had a nice lunch with conversation not interrupted by little ones.  It was like a dream to have a whole day to do, go where I wanted to go.  Thank you dear husband.  I needed that.

Then on Friday, Melissa’s entire family took off for Sea World at 4am in the morning.  We spent the whole day at the park and returned home that night.  With seven little Pomeranians we can’t leave the house unattended for too long.  The girls had a great time and learned so much more about their favorite marine animals.

As of Saturday morning my smart phone was still safely tucked away in my purse.  I can honestly say I didn’t miss it as much as I thought I would.  I did not experience any withdraws.  Although, I believe a few people who I am reviewing their products were a little upset as I missed a few hoops they placed in front of me to jump through.  Alas.

So here it is one week exactly, and our new modem is installed.  I can honestly say I notice a difference.  The internet no longer holds the reins, I do.  Now am I a saying the internet is a bad thing?  No.  I am saying it was for me at the point of my life I was at.  So if you are able to exhibit self-control then more power to you.  I was not and I needed a reality check.

Well, I better go my time limit is up for the day of blogging and I can see three beautiful little girls waiting for me to play outside and seven little furry faces ready to play too.

Until Next Time,



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