Posted by: hugapoohlouise | March 28, 2014

How to Find Happiness for the Rest of Your Life

Last weekend the hubby and I celebrated our thirteenth wedding anniversary and went to visit his sister and her hubby in East Haven, CT. In nearby New Haven that Saturday was the first annual 4B Festival (Beer, Bourbon, Barbecue, and Bacon—the hubster’s holy grail if ever he had one), which sadly turned out to be quite a bust, but just before we went to the festival farce, we stopped at one of my sister-in-law’s favorite stores, Fairhaven Furniture. I fell head over heads at once—they had so many pretty gifties: books, jewelry, wraps and scarves, dinnerware, baby clothes and toys, along with some of the most beautiful handcrafted furniture that just made the jaw drop…If you’re ever in New Haven, you really do need to stop in and see all they have to offer.

On top of all the pretty eye candy, the store is run by the sweetest couple ever. If you are a return visitor who is bringing a friend for the first time, you get a gift (which I snagged from SIL—she lives there and brings friends all the time…haha!) And they also gave us a Happiness Voucher that states, “It is never too late to be happy for the rest of your life.” And it gives five specific things to help you make this happen:


  1.        Think about who you are really grateful to for their presence in your life. Write down the whys and wherefores and then send them a thank you        (NOT an email) and later call them up and tell them.
  2.        Something good happens, you see something beautiful, you hear something that makes you laugh, don’t just rush on to the next thing, instead        bask a bit in the wonderfulness of the moment.
  3.        Set up at home a happiness bowl or box or some such. Put in a note from time to time acknowledging something you’re happy about. Take out         someone’s note, read and savor it.
  4.        Reminisce about something that was wonderful in your past and take a few minutes to go back to that time, that place in your heart, your                  mind. Just hang out quietly with that. Refresh, reload.
  5.        Think back over this day. Appreciate the many kindnesses, however small, that life and other people bestowed upon you and acknowledge                 how good it feels when you bestow a kindness.


I loved this and just had to share. We’re usually so busy, so harried, we miss those precious little moments that make life sweet. So this was a wonderful reminder to stop, just for a minute, and relish the people, the memories, the kindnesses that come our way, and maybe feel a little lighter, a little happier for joys of simple gifts.


Wishing you much happiness,



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