Posted by: hugapoohlouise | April 4, 2014

Thankfully Yours!

This week began rather rough in the Water’s household.  It seems that the pollen was at an abnormally high level here in the Sunshine State.  Which in turn causes runny  noses, itchy eyes and bad attitudes, or so it seems.  With three little girls suffering from pollen overload throw into the mix seven four legged Pomeranian puppies and you’ve got yourself a mess.

This mama did what she always does or at least it is my prayer to always do, to be completely honest.  We used the rough start to our week and our griping and complaining as a life lesson.  I shared with my three little girls and seven little pooches that there is always something to be grateful for.  Simple or complex.  For each breath that we unconsciously breath every moment to the colossial things like loving one another.  I also shared with them that when I find myself feeling a tad bit ungrateful, I usually look around and I always see something I can be thankful for.

My oldest daughter in turn shared that when she is not feeling grateful, she always sees someone or thing that makes her think how blessed she is.  I asked her to elaborate on this.  For instance she says when she is griping and complaining that her legs hurt from jumping rope too much she sees someone on the way to school who has no legs and this causes her to pray for that person and to pray for herself and her attitude.  Praise God, it is working Lord, lead them in the way they should go and let them walk.

Somedays I feel like throwing in the towel, like Wednesday when I finally fell into bed around 11pm after being up since 4am totally exhausted.  So exhausted I don’t remember if I slept because when I woke up the next day it sure didn’t feel like it.  But, then I started thinking over the events that happened that day.  We celebrated my uncles 75th birthday.  One day after what would of been my mother’s birthday if she was still alive.  My girls got to spend time with their relatives and meet my uncles daughter again.  Family bonding time.  When there was mountains of homework, housework, etc just piling up.  We were able to enjoy homemade German Chocolate Cake and ice cream.  Yum before we ate our dinner, as Gabby would say.  Cake before real food.

So as this week comes to an end the Water’s household has had an attitude adjustment.  Sure our allergies are still there, sure we still live in a fallen world, but we are grateful for the moments that we are given and want to share them with others.  Aren’t you?

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