Posted by: hugapoohlouise | April 21, 2014

Happy Easter!

I know, I know I am late, but I wanted to wait until after Easter to drop in and wish each of you a Happy Easter.  I pray that you had a blessed time-sharing in the birth, life and resurrected death of our Lord and Savior.

In our house we don’t elevate Peter Cotton Tail, Easter Eggs and Bonnets.   We celebrate the resurrection of our Savior.  His death on the cross.  We had a nice family dinner at home with family and friends.  My girls started Spring break on the 17th of April and I was off on the 18th so we got started preparing for our Saviors resurrection early.

Our church began services at 8am which is about an hour and a half earlier than normal.  So this took some changes in our bedtime routines and such.  Routines are essential in our home.  Having a child with OCD requires us to operate according to a normal, non-chaotic schedule.  So taking all this into consideration we began to prepare and plan early this year.  Praise God it was a blessing!

We did make hard-boiled eggs this year.  This is my girls second favorite thing to do relating to the Passover and Resurrection.  Mainly, because they love to eat hard-boiled eggs.  We used pastel Sharpie markers to color our eggs and shaving cream and food coloring to make our eggs this year.  What fun and lots less mess.

I wanted to remind you to enter the contest that Melissa’s and Dawn’s Musings has going right now.  You can win your very own personalized necklace.  What a beautiful Mother’s Day present.  If I didn’t have one already this would be on my wish list for Mother’s Day.

Have a blessed week.

Until Next Time,



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