Posted by: hugapoohlouise | April 25, 2014

Happy Birthday to Madison! Happy Birthday to you!

Today, I want to wish my middle child a Happy Birthday.  Just a few days ago she turned 11.  She is the joy of my life.  So Madison, I hope you had a blessed birthday and were blessed by it.

Madison is my little secretary.  She has a mind like a steel trap and can remember things that no one else seems too.  When I need to be reminded to do something, I tell her and I never have to worry about forgetting.  I am so blessed to have a child with the memory power that she has.

This year for her birthday Madison wanted a tablet.  But not just any tablet she wanted a specific color.  So starting early we began to scourer the internet for this specific color and we found one weeks before her birthday and placed the order together.  Yeah!  It arrived in plenty of time.  I am very proud of her using her tablet for homework, school and for googling her friends house.  LOL

Our annual vacation trip this year was to Sea World.  Madison is in love with the Beluga Whales.  We had to visit them three times before we left Sea World.  Madison wanted a Beluga Whale stuffed animal.  She has saved her money for a year to be able to purchase one.  Guess what?  They were sold out of Beluga Whales.  Yep, not one in the whole park and believe me we searched high and low.  So Madison did the responsible thing, she wrote a letter to Sea World. and guess what?  They told her they now have them in stock and she could call with her credit card to purchase one and pay a substantial shipping fee.  What kid at the age of 11 years old, and she told them her age, has a credit card?  Please tell me I am not living in the dark ages.  I can’t believe they responded that way.

Anyways, I just wanted to wish my dear, sweet middle little girl a Happy Birthday and many many more.

Until Next Time,



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