Posted by: hugapoohlouise | May 28, 2014

Full Speed Ahead….

That is how my life has been since my children were released from school for summer vacation.  Full Speed Ahead…. Every feel like that?

Somedays, I collapse into bed totally exhausted and wonder what happened?  To the hours, minutes and seconds of the day.  After all, we are only on the first month of summer vacation, can I keep up the pace?  Do I want to keep up the pace?  What is the pace doing to my kids, my family and myself?

We just celebrated Memorial Day and I was very thankful for a four-day weekend.  I decided ahead of time to use the time to reflect on how to slow the pace of our life down.  How to savor those moments that will come our way only once.  To relish in childhood with my girls and to use each moment to make memories.  Can I get an amen?

After some pretty deep soul-searching, I realized that one of the most important things we need to do is truly be present with each other.  When one is talking to another we have to physically, mentally and emotionally be present in the conversation.  Eye contact, ear contact and most importantly heart contact.  This will require something of each one us that is different.  For one it maybe laying down the smart phone, tablet or electronic device to engage in the conversation taking place.  For another it may be pulling yourself away from that good part in the book, magazine or newspaper.  And the list goes on.  But, it has to be done in order to spend time in the lives of those around us.

Sometimes the things we discover when we look inside are easier to plot out than to implement.  I know I’ve been faced with this dilemma many times in my own life.  BUT, what I’ve discovered is if I go to the Lord and seek Him first for my answers, He provides.  He has never failed me.  He has never left me.  So I went to Him first and sought him for guidance on how to slow down and be present.  I was totally amazed at what He reflected upon in my own life.

I want to encourage you to seek the Lord for guidance on your life pace and see what He reveals to you.  I will be sharing more as I am led by the Lord in this journey.

Until Next Time,


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